Sunday, 30 September 2012

mellow peaches

Late summer is the time when you can buy all sorts of imported peaches. I really enjoy it every year - the smell, the soft skin, the taste and the colour of this special fruit. A good reason to go for peachy coloured things in wandrobe and home decoration.

one of my wallplaques in the bedroom

some of the flowers honey brought me yesterday

scarf: present from my granny
40s style jumper: qbiffa
skirt: Tara Starlet

glencheck tights: Pamela Mann
tortoise shoe clips: 50s vintage etsy

assorted bangles: wood, bakelite, fakelite

And on top of my head I decided to wear my little 40s paper-cherry brooch from my granny, one of my sweetest vintage treasures.

Hmm, it may be time to listen to the great Peaches or have some peaches and cream? I think this combination would be perfect...


  1. I adore peaches, eating them, and wearing the colour.
    Wonderful 40s flair, my friend.

  2. toller rock, tolle strumpfhosen und tolle schuhe. peaches auch toll.

    werde mir nun ein paar tolle pfirsiche (und anderes tolles obst in mein montags lunch schnippeln - danke für die inspiration ;)

  3. Just discovered your blog, like it already^^
    Looking forward to reading more from you :) x