Sunday, 30 September 2012

mellow peaches

Late summer is the time when you can buy all sorts of imported peaches. I really enjoy it every year - the smell, the soft skin, the taste and the colour of this special fruit. A good reason to go for peachy coloured things in wandrobe and home decoration.

one of my wallplaques in the bedroom

some of the flowers honey brought me yesterday

scarf: present from my granny
40s style jumper: qbiffa
skirt: Tara Starlet

glencheck tights: Pamela Mann
tortoise shoe clips: 50s vintage etsy

assorted bangles: wood, bakelite, fakelite

And on top of my head I decided to wear my little 40s paper-cherry brooch from my granny, one of my sweetest vintage treasures.

Hmm, it may be time to listen to the great Peaches or have some peaches and cream? I think this combination would be perfect...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fish & Whips

Yesterday we visited the Fish & Whips Show in the Comedy Club Kookaburra with the super talented entertainer and pianoplayer Jack Woodhead and some other great acts.  Highly recommended! 

After that wonderful experience we had some drinks in the 8mm-Bar and took pictures on the nightly streets of Berlin.

We met right after work, so I left my office outfit on. I just rolled my hair under and put some of my 50s straw headpieces on. To wear a little hat makes every outfit festive, I think.


This jacket lived in my wandrobe for years without a chance because the buttons were shabby. After I had sewn on this heartshaped ones, I started loving it.

headpice: 50s vintage ebay
jacket: 50s vintage thrifted
scarf: 50s vintage fleamarket
skirt: H&M 
bag: 50s vintage second hand store
shoes: present from a friend

Just a good bye pic on my way back home, what a long night. Sleep well!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

autumn sun

This weekend the sun was promised for Berlin. But on saturday, when we were on a little shopping trip, there was not much of it to be seen. Perfect weather for my little Sherlock Holmes wool cape.

cape: asos
top: Kookai
pants: Heyday
wicker bag: 50s vintage from New York

On sunday the sun showed up and we had a very nice walk over the fleamarket. I fell in love with this great glamourous 50s poodle rocking horse.

Can you feel the sun?

 dress: Tara Starlet

velvet wedges: even&odd

fabric clip ons: 50s vintage my grannys
gablonz glass brooch:  40s vintage fleamarket

I will miss the summertime, when you can see real drangonflys. Do you like them too?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

all shades of red

When I think back of myself in school, university, business, the underground fashion periodes I´ve been trough, good times and hard times - I always see myself wearing bright red lipstick and long red nails. 

I still remember my first lipstick in the age of 11, when I found that old dry and stinky 50s one from my glamourous granny and kept it. And the first one in cherry red I bought on an annual fair for pennies when I was 13 years old. 

My ideal of beauty is inseparably connected with pale skin and red lips. I´m not complete without. Surely I have eaten a ton of it trough my life so far. I always buy red lipsticks on my travels and have been searching for the perfect shade for years. I can say that I found it, but still trying new ones.

There is a litte collection of my favorite shades of cold true reds, warmer reds and pinky reds with its packings.

For a better view, I show you some swatches in the same order as the lipstickheart.

 from left to right: 

1 - Guerlain: Exces de Rouge
2 - Rimmel: Shocking Pink
3 - Too Faced: Drop that Red
4 - Markwins: # 00001
5 - Yves Rocher: Rouge Toscana
6 - Collistar: Rubino
7 - Mac: Lady Bug
8 - Darphin: Rouge Flamboyant

from right to left:

1 - NARS: Funny Face
2 - Shiseido: Electric Red
3 - Art Deco: # 95
4 - Prestige: glitter DL-10
5 - KIKO: # 607
6 - Mac: Ruby Woo
7 - Dita von Teese: # 208
8 - Mac - Russian Red

  All my lippies, more than shown, are living in this bag.

 I use all of them with Mac´s lipliner in beet, there is no better.

Besame´s Cherry Red is also a good one and when you need a kissproof one, I can recommend Lip Ink Red and Lip Ink Energy Red. The problem is, when you found the perfect shade, they change it or don´t produce it anymore, like iconic Chanels Nr. 1 velvet rouge...

If you ask yourself now, what my fave is, its not a surprise: Mac´s Russian Red! 
The secret is, to mix it with Mac´s Ruby Woo on the lips...

I think that every woman should have different red lipsticks, the blue pigmented ones in cooler shades and the yellow pigmented ones in warmer shades - as you all know - important is, that it matches with your clothing. 

Now the autumn comes up, with all the great green and brown tones, so go for a more yellow based lippy, the daylight will make the best out of it. To give a résumé as an make up artist: buy one true red expensive lipstick, that will fit you every season and will give you a selfconfident and feminin look, when you need it.
BTW, when it comes to nailpolish, I´m obsessed with red too.
A little detail from my bathroom cabinet:

Leave you with a huge super red kiss and wish you all a glossy weekend!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

1940s Twen Mag

"Die junge Dame" was a magazine for twens in the 40s. I like to collect those mags for the common people the most. It´s thin, cheap and full of helpful informations for young german ladies. First of all, which profession to choose in wartime, how to find Mr. Right and what will happen in marriage.

Here the profession of a design draftswoman is explained. And of course fashion is a big issue, especially strawhats and summerdresses with nice illustrations.

Romantic costume movies and their actors help young ladies dream, so nothing much changed until today.

The mag ends with a cross word puzzle and some funny ads for tap dancing lessons, pills to loose or put on weight and other wonder products to get long lashes and such. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

a house in the middle of the street

In the last days in my alley a little house has grown, just like that, out of the blue. Today it was time to take a closer look on it. It emerged as an art project of the "Galerie im Turm", made by the french artist collective Gariste Gatené . Inside I found a monster and some crazy creatures living. They stand for the worldwide markets who caused the current Euro crisis. Fantastic!

I was in a 1930s mood, so I wore my dress with the wing sleeves.


dress: asos
socks: Falke 
 shoes: Molly Holly
screw ons: 40s vintage
gloves: 30s vintage my grannies

What did you do on the weekend?