Saturday, 29 March 2014

Hola Madrid!

This year I celebrated my birthday with my best friend in the beautiful baroque town of Madrid. 
So much fun: We loved all the colourful details of the architecture and went vintage shopping - of course.

My leopard shopping bag is full of 50s goodies I will show in upcoming posts.

This mexican restaurant was so cool and the food delicious.

We enjoyed a Flamenco show on our first evening and a trashy dragshow on the second one. 
I felt like living in an Almodovar movie.

After all that shopping and clubbing it was time for an art-marathon. 
Beside the huge Prado I liked the Modern Art section of the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection the most.

While strolling I found this incredible shop called Burlesque: full of wigs and professional make up.
 I came out with another shopping bag full of fake lashes and brushes - happy me.

Sadly the weather was just grey and cold. Time for more nightclubbing.

hairflower: real carnation, present from a Flamenco dancer
dress: Folter clothing, present from Honey
cardigan: Vintage Vixen
shoes: Molly Holly

In the Charada Club we listened to the dark ballads of the super beautiful Chrysta Bell.

Leaving you with another typical detail of Madrid...

Sunday, 9 March 2014

first picnic

 Yeah! Spring is back in Berlin! Time for our first picnic in Treptower Park.

 jacket: 50s vintage, fleamarket, years ago
skirt: H&M, years ago
picnic basket: 40s vintage, fleamarket

pizza: fennel-salami-peccorino, homemade

 picnic blanket: couch cover from around 1900

 shoes: Molly Holly
lace tights: Calzedonia

 sunglasses: found in a shopping mall
blouse with soo romantic print: Fräulein Stachelbeere

At last it was time for flowers in the hair again... Hope you all have enjoyed this weekend!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

glitter in the powder room

The other day a friend and I visited a Burlesque show in the Bassy Club and she made some pics of me in the Ladies' lavatory - not the most glamourous location, I know. But my beloved 50s cocktail jacket, found on a fleamarket and my 6-inch-high beehive was worth it.

The jacket is so classic: made of crêpe, bat sleeves, a nipped in waist and very nice embroidery with little black jet pearls.

Pockets with scallop! 

While we powder our noses, let´s have a closer look at my make up: I used Kryolan pro-products only, padded the pink glitter on the lids just with an eyeshadow base, draw a winged liner and put tons of mascara on my natural lashes to get that spidery look - it´s not a faux pas anymore - it´s en vogue!

The huge pink glitter flower in my hair is a souvenir from fabulous Las Vegas!

The show girls were so hot, that I had to cool down myself a bit.

I hailed a taxi in my vintage Sergio Rossi high heels and felt very happy to live in a town
where you can enjoy a great show with international acts on a common wednesday.