Sunday, 26 August 2012

these boots are made for dolly

After a very stressful week it was time to relax, so we visited friends living in a house in a green outskirt of Berlin. 

I like wearing cowboy boots, especially my beloved old pink ones. I call them "my Dolly Parton shoes". To channel the great Dolly more perfect, I combined them with a deep neckline. I love the pink brooch detail that came with the dress:

I enjoyed the sun in a pink hammock, reading the VOGUE in a canvas chair, played with the kids and roasted marshmellows in the bonfire.

But to visite the little farm "Kinderbauernhof Erkner" with the kids was the best experience.
I made friends with Fatima, the cute donkey lady. She tried to steal my earrings and the kids' potato chips, but she had the most fleecy ears ever.

The meadows around the farm where full of colourful herbages, my chance to get a wonderful souvenir for our dining table back home in the city.

clip ons: 50s vintage
hair bow: OhHoneyHush!
 boots: Buffalo vintage
dress: Vive Maria
I hope you had a relaxing weekend, too.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Lee Miller


Right now there's a Lee Miller exhibition shown in Berlin. You knew Lee Miller, VOGUE-model, fashion photograher, war correspondent and, all in one, a very fascinating woman. She was so beautiful, smart and courageous, but her personality had a dark side too, and she was a close friend of the most Surrealists I admire like Max Ernst and Cocteau. 

I mostly appreciate her pictures from World War II, so touching and different. She shows the cruelty of the war and the Nazi crimes in a way you will never forget.

One of the most famous pictures of herself is surely the one that shows her in Hitler's bathroom. It could be seen in the gallery:

For a better view, please visit the exhibition here:

dress: Tara Starlet, years ago
lipstick: lipink Energy Red
fishnet tights: Falke
shoes: Vagabond 
bag: etsy

 The earrings I wore are very special to me and a most-loved pair in my vintage jewellery collection. The are screw ons from the late 40s and made out of pink little mussels and pearls. I bought them on a fleamarket here in Berlin from a granny, wonder how they came the long way from the tropics? Maybe a present from a GI once? A lot of mussel are missing and destroyed, but for me that makes them even more a treasure. Things with scars and a story behind are the best vintage findings, I think.

 I photographed them on the cover of her biographie I'm currently reading, written by her son. They're lying in front of her portrait taken by her ex-lover Man Ray. 

On my way back home, moved by her pictures during the Wartime, I gave an extra attention to the golden flaggins called "Stolpersteine" in German. These stones are scatterd all over Berlin to remind us of the Nazi-victims, mostly Jewish people and members of the resistance. 

I guess that those shall remind us of a mother and her two daugthers, unbelievable that one of them was only ten years old. It's good to have those stumbling blocks. Watch out for them when you visit Berlin. And when you can´t go to the exhibition, you maybe can buy one of Lee Miller's books? You will not regret it, I promise!


Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Wine

Dress: Tara Starlet, present from honey
suede shoes: 40s vintage

This week, straight after work I visited the lovely little wine shop THE WINE, runned by a friend. He has a delicious selection of french and german wines. Highy recommended!

To change from my office outfit in to a more festive look, I just put on my new 40s clip ons. The are made out of czech glass, hughe but light like a feather and really a great peace of art:

After some glasses of an excellent Bordeau Rosé the world looked as pink as the shop through my new glasses. Cheers!

my loveboat

Back in Berlin a lot of work was waiting, but there was also time for the good things in life.

I love to rent one of the little blue rowboats by a beautiful lake near Berlin, the "Straussee". We stay on the boat for houres, go swimming and have a litte picnic on the water: superrelaxing!

Shown on the pic above is the Straussee public swimming bath from 1925 in the typical 20s style and original archieved.

skirt: H&M, years ago
bra: Triumph Classics Doreen
 shirt: Schiesser

As old as my skirt are my Tiki shoes. Wearing this combination means summertime for me.

BTW, this little lady ate half our picnic.