Thursday, 20 June 2013

the absence of elegance

I take my time to read and enjoy the garden. Currently I'm reading the book you see above. 
I learned from it that "comfort is the enemy of elegance". 

Okay, than I´m totaly inelegant in my trashy strech look... YEAH!

high wait capris: Deadly Dames
t shirt: souvenir from NYC 
 wedges: fleamarket

take a closer look at my wedges too: the sole has great flower details

And so much time to eat strawberries in the sun.

And for a little shopping walk I allow myself some more trashy strech...

dress: ebay uk
necklace and clip ons set: 60s vintage, ebay uk

 suede sandals: Tamaris
nail polish: essie really red

But there is no excuse to go out without high heels, especially when you can walk in confetti!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bye bye May

Bye bye Mr. May! 
My favorite month started quite sunny, but now - rain, rain everyday
The humidity kills all my curls, so to save my hair, I wear another's hair as hairpieces.

And it's time for warm black suits again... see, even the poppys cry.

black suit with ermine collar: 60s vintage, second hand shop 
umbrella: Elisabeth Dahl

The best thing in May for me - besides the upcoming sun and the taste of asparagus and rhubarb - are the Lilies of the Valley. I love them so much, their smell, their shape and all their shades of green. I decorate them in my mini headvases and let them inspire my to integrate more white, pastel green and pale pink in my everyday looks.

tights: Falke
shoes: Vagabond

Welcome Lady June!