Sunday, 9 September 2012

1940s Twen Mag

"Die junge Dame" was a magazine for twens in the 40s. I like to collect those mags for the common people the most. It´s thin, cheap and full of helpful informations for young german ladies. First of all, which profession to choose in wartime, how to find Mr. Right and what will happen in marriage.

Here the profession of a design draftswoman is explained. And of course fashion is a big issue, especially strawhats and summerdresses with nice illustrations.

Romantic costume movies and their actors help young ladies dream, so nothing much changed until today.

The mag ends with a cross word puzzle and some funny ads for tap dancing lessons, pills to loose or put on weight and other wonder products to get long lashes and such. Hope you like it as much as I do.


  1. Thank you for sharing so much inspiration!!!

  2. die anzeigen seite is der größte spass: 'schöne büste', 'seidige lange wimpern', 'gegen magerkeit' und 'vollendet schöne büste'. bezaubernd.

    ja, danke für's posten.

  3. ja gegen Magerkeit würde heute sicher kein Mittel mehr annonciert werden