Sunday, 17 August 2014

unexpected findings

shirt: 50s vintage, etsy
pinafore skirt:  nudeedudee via etsy, worn without the straps

What I´m staring at? An urban jungle! Found by accident on our way to an after-work sushi. The tropical temperatures we had in the last weeks in Berlin have let the plants go wild. How nice. Time to wear my original Hawaiian shirt and to dream of our upcoming holiday... 

 bangles: 50s vintage from fleamarkets exept the blue fakelite one from Thepinkbungaloo via etsy
clip ons: real tiny corals from a US vintage shop
I love the hawaiian print: hibiskus + postcards, look at the real coconut buttons!


This summer I treated myself with some Swedish Hasbeens. 
Everything I read about them before is true: they are worth every penny.

On our way back home I had an unexpected find: a 50s vintage 7'' singles holder book. I needed it because of its fancy holiday graphics. It now hosts all my David Bowie singles.

 The other day I wore another "holiday inspired" outfit in the office.  

bag: present from a friend

clip ons: 50s vintage ,
bangles: 50s vintage, fleamarket and etsy
lipstick: Lime Crime

wood sandals: Lasocki

And on my way home the next unexpected find waited for me: this sweet little ballerina from the 40s. She lives now next to the old Leichner Powder advertisement from the 40s in my bathroom. Aren't these findings the best?