Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fish & Whips

Yesterday we visited the Fish & Whips Show in the Comedy Club Kookaburra with the super talented entertainer and pianoplayer Jack Woodhead and some other great acts.  Highly recommended! 

After that wonderful experience we had some drinks in the 8mm-Bar and took pictures on the nightly streets of Berlin.

We met right after work, so I left my office outfit on. I just rolled my hair under and put some of my 50s straw headpieces on. To wear a little hat makes every outfit festive, I think.


This jacket lived in my wandrobe for years without a chance because the buttons were shabby. After I had sewn on this heartshaped ones, I started loving it.

headpice: 50s vintage ebay
jacket: 50s vintage thrifted
scarf: 50s vintage fleamarket
skirt: H&M 
bag: 50s vintage second hand store
shoes: present from a friend

Just a good bye pic on my way back home, what a long night. Sleep well!


  1. your kook is alwais impeccable...

  2. oh thank you Debora, I try my best... always a lady :)

  3. You look AMAZING! I love the suit -and the hat - and the buttons on that jacket are FABULOUS! Sarah xxx

  4. cool, that you love the buttons, the are from the children department xxx

  5. tolles kostüm, tolles jäckchen, perfekt für die arbeit und den 50s afterwork (gibt's sowas hahahaha). pinKy's peepshow habe ich immer verpasst aber ich war des öfteren beim great country swindle. mein lieblings abend im bassy. ach ja und 8mm ...
    da der herzallerliebste bis zu meiner auswanderung nach berlin kommendes jahr erstmal zu mir in die badische einöde gezogen ist, wird's leider ein wenig dauern bis es wieder 'berlin, berlin' heißt. sorry, für das geblubber, ich vermisse nur mein berliner nachtleben ;)

  6. jaaa wir sind verwöhnt mit dem nachtleben in Berlin, besonders mit dem bassy!

  7. The buttons, the shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I am in a cloud looking at each and every photo.

  8. echt cool wie du angezogen bist,ich mag deinen style sehr,liebe gruesse aus Paris !

  9. My daughter lives in Berlin, as you know. She is also a musician. Perphaps we could meet in one of her performance next time I am in Berlin.