Thursday, 28 June 2012

cakes sweet cakes

You remember the harvest in the garden? Time to make someting nice out of the juicy fruits. I like baking a lot and so I did some sweet little cakes. But see by yourself:

This is what the strawberries became

... and the cherries landed in the muffins, covered with little candy hearts. 
What you don't see is the marzipan in the dough.

They were all yummy, but really didn't help me with the bikini figure.  
But who can resist homemade bakery?

While working in the kitchen, you don't have to look scruffy. 
I like to wear a comfy dress ( yes, it is comfy...) and my apron.

dress: collectif
apron: 50s vintage 
slipper: present from friends
cupboard: made in Berlin in the 1930s

The fabric of the dress has a sweet french teaparty pattern: pots, mags and poodles.

After so much sweetness, I needed a contra. But where is all the lemon juice gone?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

for the girls at the "homefront"

The weather is so grey and rainy in Berlin now, so I use the time to read some of my old magazines again. I collect "Erika", a 1941s mag for the girls and women in Berlin who waited for their men who were out in the war. On the cover of this edition is Olga Tschechowa, I have wrote about her before

"Erika" has some stupid propaganda and a lot of fashion and beauty themes. Let's concentrate on this:

You can still buy the brands Kaloderma and UHU today.

This article is about different kinds of face shapes and that there is beauty in all of them. Can you see, there is no eyeliner, just false lashes and red lipstick - typical 40s.

 The ads are all about the perfect longlasting curls and secretary stuff.

How I love this: different ways to wear a scarf! The best decision for a rainy day...


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Edie Sedgwick by OPALICON

Some of my latest work about the 60s. Here I used Kryolan products only.

The following picture is inspired by one of the greatest bands ever: Velvet Underground.

Hope you enjoy... more? just ckeck out our website, thank you!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

strawberryfields for ever

We share a garden with a friend and I enjoy it very much to have a that little piece of green in the middle of Berlin. 

The garden is more naturally grown than designed and full of fruit trees and wild flowers. 

Have you spotted the little guy in the background? 
Yes, it´s a dwarf and we have some more of these old classic German landmarks.

Today was time to harvest...

And for the cherries I had to wear some in my hair, too!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

fleamarket happiness 2.0

Have you noticed the difference between the title pic of my blog and this, 
what I did today? right: the TV Tower!

Sunday means taking a walk, cake and fleamarket - my favorite routine!

We started with a cake in the beautiful decorated café Wahrhaft Nahrhaft, highy recommended, and it tasted as good as it looks.

clip ons: 40s vintage
eyeshadow: Lime Crime

Refreshed by a raspberry smoothie, I entered the fleamarket in an old H&M dress and my comfortable 40s suede "spider" pumps.Today I found four nice goodies:

A Billie Holiday biography, right at the time because 
I finised my Betty Grable biography yet, an early plastic brooch,

a 40s style blouse and a sweet colourful 50s birdy wall plaque.

Now it´s time for the propper Sunday meal, cooked by honey with love and eaten with style, with tablecloth and candles. Another great Sunday routine...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ooou la la!

While the sun is missing in Berlin, I wanna bring some heat into your hearts with juicy scans from one of my french men magazines from the 1940s: PARIS-HOLLYWOOD! Enjoy:

Barbie? Mermaid?

I love the hairflowers and the fringe panty.

Her lips and nipples are pink coloured.

That kind of fishing came out of fashion...

I love these old little advertisements, 
especially for some crazy stuff like Parfum d´Amor Radio-actif.

And on the back - beautiful Lana Turner again...

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Heartshaped Weddingcake

This weekend we were invited to the wedding of honey's sister. They had such a great celebration with a "Kate&Harry"-kiss and a supersized, heartshaped strawberry weddingcake for 100 guest! 

I wore a pink 40s style dress and had much fun at the garden party: making bubbles and friends with a yellow cow in the sun... thank you for this perfect day full of love!

dress: ASOS

 30s Art Deco bag: present from my mum
40s Clip ons and glass bangle: second hand shop in New York

I´m still dreaming of that cake...