Sunday, 28 April 2013

tights and colours


Lately I found some tights in my wandrobe I bought in a rush and had forgotten. Time to integrate them into my everyday office wear. I always loved pink, turquoise, all the bright candy colours and leopardprints... and Spring is the time for colours, isn't it?

 fake fur collar: asos
fabric clip ons: 50s vintage, my grannies

I´m into the sixties these days. I wear beehive hair dos quite often and I even changed my red lipstick/nailpolish-routine into heavy eyeliner and pale pink lips and nails. What do you think about it?

peep toe plateaus: ebay uk
box bag: 60s vintage, fleamarket find

And there is another pair from Cavallini, teamed with my sweet birthday present bag.
 Think pink!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Yummy Easter

I love easter - especially all the pastell colours! 

Time to take out my litte 50s rabbit on his scooter, he is with me since my childhood.
This year I invited friends to have a little easter dinner together.

Honey was cooking. 
Starter: wild herbs salat with pansys.

Main couse:  
deer roast with trout caviar on french beans and mash of Truffe de Chine.


mint curd cheese cakes and egg liquor served in tiny chocolate cups.

I wore my Horrockses housewife dress from etsy,

with a little beehive

and matching 50s gloves, 50s poodle brooch and 50s clip ons - all found on fleamarkets.

And finally lets have a look beneath: my egg nogg coloured petticoat 
and my pale pink 50s killer heels. I served all courses in these... murder!

 Hope you all had a great easter celebration, too!