Monday, 20 October 2014

without sorrows

We visited a place without any trouble or sorrows - of course just when you believe in the name of the park in Potsdam: SANS SOUCI. I love the palace of the former Prussian King Friedrich II. in every season. This time we did a little afternoon walk in the autumnal sun.

I wore a homemade late 40s dress that I found on the fleamarket some weeks ago, damaged but cheap. As you vintage girls out there already know, I had to invest some more: money and time for professional cleaning, going to the seamstress and find and sew on vintage buttons to replace the missing and broken ones... but it was worth it. 

dress with pockets: 40s vintage, fleamarket
belt: Vivienne of Holloway
tights: Falke
shoes: 40s vintage, ebay
box bag: 60s vintage, fleamarket

The park is full of statues in a Greek style. 
This one especially makes me think of the demanding, but tolerant, militarist and gay man, Friedrich II.  

Isn't my new 40s brooch sweet? The little letter even has a tiny stamp and some writing on it.

We walked and admired all the castles and buildings in the park until the sun went down. 
This one is called "Belvedere", so romantic!

beaded angora sweater: H&M, years ago
flower headpiece: ebay
glass bangle: 40s vintage, vintage shop