Sunday, 6 October 2013

autumn everyday wear


Last thursday was a public holiday in Germany, traditional time for the super big Ostbahnhof fleamarket. Went there in my office clothes, because the night before I stayed at my best friend's beautiful home. In the garden there's a huge chestnut tree. I collected some of its fruits right away untill the pockets of my skirt were full... so autumnally!

The thing on my head is a velvet bow headband from the 80s, found on the fleamarket last week.
 I really love it this time.

My jewelry was all green, one a my favorite colours, especially in colder months. The ring, the clip ons 
and  the brooch are all vintage from the 50s. I found this galalith souvenir brooch once on a 
fleamarket bargain bin for 50 cent. It was nearly white, all the colous were rubbed off.
 I restored it by hand with a tiny brush and breathed new life into the sweet little wine queen 
on her cliff "Drachenfels" and the Rhine again.

Back home with my findings, a 40s jacket, a 50s dress, a 40s brooch, two 50s hats and a little 50s poodle fingurine - I was more than happy. The sun was celebrating with me and painted this shadow picture on my living room floor.

I found my new 50s skirt on ebay France. It´s more a summer skirt but I wear it with a straight petticoat warming my legs. The belt is a 50s original too and he still forms aperfect waist. The flower print is so gorgeous.

Sadly, the time for pink flowers is over. 
On my vanity table now standing these Chrysanthemes, the flower of the 30s.

The next day in my lunch break I visited the incredible art of the photographer Eugenio Recuenco.
My favorite picture from him is Cinderella:

found here

If in Berlin, you have to visit the exhibition in the CWC.
This is a snapshot from me with another picture of him: 

The sweater is a cashmere vintage 50s one from Santa Cruz, CA.
 I love his pale pink softness, the pearl buttons and the pastell grossgrain applications. 

How do you look in everyday autumn life?