Friday, 21 February 2014

Eddie and me


Yesterday was a good day: Eddie Spaghetti was in town! 
With the SUPERSUCKERS he played a super great show in the legandary club "SO 36"  in Kreuzberg
and signed the new record.

 After that we could talk a bit and made a fan pic. How stupid starstucked I look... but isn't he damned sexy? 
A broad-shouldered, witty, bearded r´n´r-bass player with a big heart - my kind of a man. (Like honey is.)

Eddie Spaghetti did funtastique solo country records. Check my fav song out:

But what did I wear?

hairband: asos
pink bra: blush
 (Ladies, have a look at this Berlin-based brand - the quality is excellent and they have some vintage inspired designs!)
dress: present from a friend, guess it´s from the 80s
belt: 50s vintage
cowboy boots: Buffalo
 bag: 60s vintage

While posing with the record, I tryed to look a bit "edgy"... ha ha ha

Nothing is better then a blood cooking real loud punkrock show to feel alive again.
 And here's a little quest: Do you find me in the crowd on this pic Eddie took from stage?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

valentine's day

First of all, I hope you had a great Valentine's Day with your loved ones. I had it, started with baking for honey and friends: lemon muffins and a red velvet cake.  So yummy...

„Here's looking at you, Kid!“

After all the sugar we went clubbing. I chose a nautical themed outfit, because I have a soft spot for sailors, when it comes to romantic. Time for my kid's souvenir sailor felt hat from - I guess - the 50s.

The hat is from my granny and really well made. It´s a souvenir from the "Hamburg-Amerika"-line and it has those cool ribbons in the back.

shirt: Tom Tailor
pants: Vivien of Holloway
bag: 60s vintage, fleamarket find
glass heart pendant: 50s vintage, my mum's

While baking I got a little cut and covered it with an ancor plaster, of course. I´m a slave to the details.

Honey had made me a Valentine's Day present years ago: those lovely key-for-my heart-clip-ons from the 40s. So I always wear them on that special day and this year I teamed them with other 40s marcasite goodies from my collection.

Bye bye for so long and a special kiss to all the singles out there: love will find you!

Monday, 10 February 2014

in love with a picture

Yesterday we visited an exhibition of the artist Cem Ulug and I fell in love with this great spooky collage above. Sadly I can't affort it, but I get insprired for my own upcoming drawing projects... and isn´t everything about inspiration?

my new 60s-style coat: Ashley Brooke, present from my mom

But what´s under the coat?

hat: Filippo Catarzi
dress: 50s vintage from Electric Lemonade Vintageshop in Las Vegas
body and tights: Wolford
belt: 50s vintage
ankle boots: Even&odd

I love the heavy, black raw silk, the pleats and the buttons on the back.

Not to forget my little doggy friend, an early plastic brooch I got from a fleamarket.

Three further things I love right now: 
My warm mint-coloured leather gloves, my 50s vintage fur scarf and my new lipstain from Lime Crime in Pink velvet
What do you love right now?