Monday, 17 November 2014

a forest full of cukes

You will see no cukes in this forest now, but there were a lot in the summertime. It's the "Spreewald" - famous for his pickled cucumbers, the beautiful little canals and the traditional costumes. A pefect place to hide from the city for a few days. We found a little house in the middle of nowhere to stay in...

spent a day in a spa and did little walks. Sadly the weather was just misty and rainy - time for the one and only autumnal jacket in the world, of course a classic Pendleton 49ers with red check.

 turban: made out of a H&M scarf mit red lips prints
jacket: Pendleton 49ers from etsy
jeans: collectif
boots: Clarks  Originals

In the nice Spreewald museum we could admire the traditional costumes with the huge hats. I like this picture of a little lady on her first day in school from the 1930s. The Sorb, the natives, still wear it proudly.

The museum even had a kind of historical train station, look at all the great dresses and suitcases.

I took place in one of the cabins, pulled my Röckl gloves on and Honey drove the steam train back to Berlin...

The only jewelery I wore was this 1950s bracelet with wood hazelnuts, autumnally like fallen leaves. Hope you enjoy this season too.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

the third spring

Last weekend just another wardrobe experience and me joined the Berlin Fashion Exchange at the Postbahnhof, to be precise the Vintage part of it named "The Second Spring"

It started all well and we both built up our stalls with lots of hope, sun and good mood...

hat: 40s vintage, present from a vintage seller on a fair
dress: 50s vintage from etsy
tights: falke
The dress is made out of very soft novelty printed nylon with great violet color in it, 
so what matches better than a 40s violet brooch?

And than we waited for well-founded clients. Me behind my stall...

and just another wardrobe experience in front of hers, armed with her sweet smile...

... but there was no big business waiting for us. Everyone was out there in the sun.

After taking down everything I felt like a ghost in the big empty market hall.

I will wait for the next real spring and will do some street fleamarket than - to give my stuff a third spring.

Monday, 20 October 2014

without sorrows

We visited a place without any trouble or sorrows - of course just when you believe in the name of the park in Potsdam: SANS SOUCI. I love the palace of the former Prussian King Friedrich II. in every season. This time we did a little afternoon walk in the autumnal sun.

I wore a homemade late 40s dress that I found on the fleamarket some weeks ago, damaged but cheap. As you vintage girls out there already know, I had to invest some more: money and time for professional cleaning, going to the seamstress and find and sew on vintage buttons to replace the missing and broken ones... but it was worth it. 

dress with pockets: 40s vintage, fleamarket
belt: Vivienne of Holloway
tights: Falke
shoes: 40s vintage, ebay
box bag: 60s vintage, fleamarket

The park is full of statues in a Greek style. 
This one especially makes me think of the demanding, but tolerant, militarist and gay man, Friedrich II.  

Isn't my new 40s brooch sweet? The little letter even has a tiny stamp and some writing on it.

We walked and admired all the castles and buildings in the park until the sun went down. 
This one is called "Belvedere", so romantic!

beaded angora sweater: H&M, years ago
flower headpiece: ebay
glass bangle: 40s vintage, vintage shop

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

farewell summer

 Enjoying the autumn sun on my way to the Mauerpark fleamarket! I love my new homemade 1940s dress from etsy. Especially the fresh colours, the soft lace on the big V-collar and the rosy moonglow button.

Because the sun is not so strong anymore I had to wear tights. These are from What Katie did with pink seams and dotties. Very girly.

Sadly the holiday times are over now but we still remember beautiful Sardenia. 
Cactus pears everywhere, one of my favorite fruits. So I had to...

 top: Fornarina
shorts: Sugarshock

... do a little drawing.

 Wile our roadtrip we stayed overnight in farms or just on the beach.

 playsuit: Heyday Vintage clothing

Had time to feed cute animals...

 dress: Who killed Bambi?
headband: asos

... or just went shopping in the neighborhood.

dress: Folter Clothing
pumps: Miss L Fire

So bye bye carnation headband - welcome hats and capes!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

unexpected findings

shirt: 50s vintage, etsy
pinafore skirt:  nudeedudee via etsy, worn without the straps

What I´m staring at? An urban jungle! Found by accident on our way to an after-work sushi. The tropical temperatures we had in the last weeks in Berlin have let the plants go wild. How nice. Time to wear my original Hawaiian shirt and to dream of our upcoming holiday... 

 bangles: 50s vintage from fleamarkets exept the blue fakelite one from Thepinkbungaloo via etsy
clip ons: real tiny corals from a US vintage shop
I love the hawaiian print: hibiskus + postcards, look at the real coconut buttons!


This summer I treated myself with some Swedish Hasbeens. 
Everything I read about them before is true: they are worth every penny.

On our way back home I had an unexpected find: a 50s vintage 7'' singles holder book. I needed it because of its fancy holiday graphics. It now hosts all my David Bowie singles.

 The other day I wore another "holiday inspired" outfit in the office.  

bag: present from a friend

clip ons: 50s vintage ,
bangles: 50s vintage, fleamarket and etsy
lipstick: Lime Crime

wood sandals: Lasocki

And on my way home the next unexpected find waited for me: this sweet little ballerina from the 40s. She lives now next to the old Leichner Powder advertisement from the 40s in my bathroom. Aren't these findings the best?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

wowsville market

Last sunday we joined a street market in front of the "Wowsville" bar and record shop in Kreuzberg. 
We - that is  just another wardrobe experience plus her husband and me.

Beside the fact that the weather was tropical and most of the expected audience had obviously better things to do than to visit a fleamarket, swimming in a lake or whatever... but we had a lot of fun! 
And I even made some money for my upcoming holidays.

  Look at her, she even looks super sexy in shorts and flats and got so many compliments...

I wore:
blouse & shorts: Heyday
hairflower set: etsy
wooden sling backs: Lasocki
 See the nice organizer lady and some impressions from just another wardrobe experience 's stall: 


Monday, 14 July 2014

time for champions

The passed weeks were so full of excitement! 
It started with the first game of our German soccer team in Brazil. 
I baked this 10 inch high chocolate-marzipan-cake, what a yummy monster. 

Then it was time for the Geschwister Pfister and their 50s-based drag show. 
The aftershow party happend in a gay bar which looked very much like my own home.

dress: 50s vintage, vintage shop
clip ons: 40s vintage, vintage shop
bakelite: 40s vintage, vintage shop and ebay
leggins: drugstore
shoes: 40s vintage, ebay

Three days later, my beloved Dolly Parton was in town!
 I was so happy that I got one of the rare tickets as a christmas present and I was very excited to see her live.

 hairflower: 40s vintage, vintage shop
dress: years ago from a professional dancer's shop
cowboy boots: Buffalo
handbag: 50s vintage, my grannies

Dolly sang all her great emotional songs and I cried a river. Let´s say two. 
And afterwards - great time with drags again. I especially loved their hair and boobs, but Dolly's were bigger. 
Larger then life!

Next on the scedule: Berlin fashion week and the Vintage circus. 
Just another wandrobe experience and I went there to buy... nothing. 
Read the hole story about it in her great blog.

Isn´t she beautiful?
I wore:
dress: 60 vintage, vintage shop
headpiece: 50s vintage, ebay
bag: 50s vintage, vintage shop

But we made the best out of it and I even got the perfect Pin-up body for a minute:

And how this exciting time ended? I think everyone out there already knows.
I put my patriotic eye make up with soccer lashes on and...

We won! World champion feeling all over!