Sunday, 30 December 2012

Anna Karenina

I´m sure you all know the tragic story of Anna Karenina and may have seen the movie with Greta Garbo. I did, many times. I love the opulence of the Russian aristocracy, the dresses, the furs, the wintertime romance...

So I had to see the new movie with Keira Knightley and my beau Jude Law.

 Because I´m still not fully recovered, I enjoyed the cosy afternoon performance with all the grannies in my favourite cinema in my beloved street. The Kino International was built in the 60s as a very modern and glamourous cinema for premieres. It is still a famous part of the Berlinale.

In the GDR the cinema was used by the members of the government, that's why the eighth row has extra space for the legs of the officials and there is a seperate lounge reacheable with a special elevator. Today the "Honeckers-Lounge" its used for techno partys.

The front with the big windows is unchanged, so are the great flowershaped huge chandeliers in the inside.

It was time to wear my russian coat, named by myself as my "Karenina coat". It has the perfect red, is very bell-bottomed with fake persian lamb applications.

russian coat: fleamarket find, years ago
fake persian lamb puff bag: 40s vintage, my grannies
velvet hatpiece with pearl applications: 50s vintage, from a hatcollector
lipstick: MAC, Russian Red... of cause!
The movie was fantastic. Made in a very innovative and dynamic way. When you like pastel coloured ball gowns, pearls, diamonds, uniforms and hats with veils... you have to see it! Afterwards I putted down my own veil, dried a tear and walked home, thinking about all the dramatic lovestorys I know...

Thursday, 13 December 2012


Do you think that this is a sweet little thing on my desk? No - it is not. 

It´s the most EVIL little bitch I have ever met. Her name is Ms. Katja Ebstein Barr, she is a virus and caused the Kissing Disease. Sounds funny, but it´s not, because I have to stay in bed and at home for weeks. There is no medication, so I sleep a lot and eat one pomegranate a day, to keep this evil purple little Missy away...

Before the first Advent I started my home decoration. I handcrafted an Adventwreath with some little oldschool nic nacs, I unpacked the little smoking woody church from my childhood and the glittering green bambies.

I had so much time to watch all the details of the velvety Amaryllis.

I croached a kitty as a christmas present and did some drawings.

I watch the world just from my window, see the snow falling and built a little snowman on my window sill... hope I will be with you soon.