Wednesday, 18 December 2013

blue dogs and red slippers


Last friday we visited the exhibition opening from my talented friend YUTI and made some pics backstage. I wore my new great Vivien of Holloway Swing trousers, St. Nicholas (Honey) brought me, a 50s silkscarf from American Vintage in Hollywood and my new 40s scottie clip ons. You better have a closer look:


Aren´t they funny? I don´t know what they are made of, I think an early plastic, handcarved and handpainted ... I had to give them a new home - and they came from America in their original box. I love the 3D effect, the pale blue colour and the crabby face of the scotties.

The countdown for christmas is on, so I wanna show you my tree. I decorated it with some of my red glitter slippers I collected all over the world... hope you girls love it and you will have chilly and cozy holidays!


Sunday, 8 December 2013

bittersweet symphony

The year started with a concert of honeys band and it nearly ended with one. In January I was so weak because of a massive mononucleosis infection that I could just sit in a corner for a while, but this time it was such a blast: I did a Glam Rock make up for the boys, danced my ass off and chanted loud and proud with the audience. But I had some silent moments too, thinking of this bittersweet year.

I have fighted daily with the aftereffects from the infection and found some great alternative medicine for it, lost very old friends and discovered new ones, lost my photo-project and started a new art-venture and drawing lessons, lost my job and found a new one... the big lessons I have learned is: health is the most important and everything can change in a blink of an eye, so better LIVE FOR THE MOMENT!

So I did last night. Honey made some pictures in the backstage room early in the morning:

crepe de chine blouse: 40s vintage, fleamarket find
Square dance skirt: Partners Please by Malco Modes 
(worn without the matching petticoat), 60s vintage, etsy
leopard boots: Miss L fire

pink lipstick and nail polish: YSL

Have a closer look to the sweet 50s jewelery set, found on 
and I really love the lace bordered collar of the sheer blouse...

Enjoy the Advent season with your loved ones!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Follow the swan!

This week started with a swan. 
For a ladie's night at my home, I filled my 40s pink swan with little roses 
and used it as centerpiece for the table. The ladies loved it! 

On tuesday it was time for a little comedy show after work.
I wore a plain 50s felt dress without petticoat, but gave attention to the details: 
50s grey gloves, 50s silver lurex evening bag...


60s aurora borealis clip ons with matching necklace and a 50s lipstick red velvet hairpiece.

Friday we went to the Dios de los Muertos ceremony of the Mexican community in Berlin.  
The huge altar for the dead was very touchy and beautifully made.

My outfit was insprired by my beloved Frida Kahlo and people really loved it. 
Some took photos and called: "HOLA, HOLA FRIDA!" One Mexican lady even made me a present: 
her Frida wood brooch! See it next to my 50s silver mexican mother of pearl pendant. Isn´t she cool?

And I met Frida herself.

carnations and ribbons in hair: Walmart, Nevada
earrings: my mum bought in Istanbul
cardigan: Freddies of pinewood
skirt: 50s vintage, ebay
tights: Falke

The next day my very talented friend, the painter Stephanie Nückel, had an exhibition with other artists from New York. She photographed and painted my younger self many years ago. I couldn´t believe this young lady with Bettie bangs was once me... the impression in my face says everything.

(BTW: my 50s felt dress got pockets!)

With a bunch of artists from the exhibition we had some drinks at the bar of the Kater Holzig restaurant.
 I admired the decoration and so, that fun-tastique week ended with a swan, as it started.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

autumn everyday wear


Last thursday was a public holiday in Germany, traditional time for the super big Ostbahnhof fleamarket. Went there in my office clothes, because the night before I stayed at my best friend's beautiful home. In the garden there's a huge chestnut tree. I collected some of its fruits right away untill the pockets of my skirt were full... so autumnally!

The thing on my head is a velvet bow headband from the 80s, found on the fleamarket last week.
 I really love it this time.

My jewelry was all green, one a my favorite colours, especially in colder months. The ring, the clip ons 
and  the brooch are all vintage from the 50s. I found this galalith souvenir brooch once on a 
fleamarket bargain bin for 50 cent. It was nearly white, all the colous were rubbed off.
 I restored it by hand with a tiny brush and breathed new life into the sweet little wine queen 
on her cliff "Drachenfels" and the Rhine again.

Back home with my findings, a 40s jacket, a 50s dress, a 40s brooch, two 50s hats and a little 50s poodle fingurine - I was more than happy. The sun was celebrating with me and painted this shadow picture on my living room floor.

I found my new 50s skirt on ebay France. It´s more a summer skirt but I wear it with a straight petticoat warming my legs. The belt is a 50s original too and he still forms aperfect waist. The flower print is so gorgeous.

Sadly, the time for pink flowers is over. 
On my vanity table now standing these Chrysanthemes, the flower of the 30s.

The next day in my lunch break I visited the incredible art of the photographer Eugenio Recuenco.
My favorite picture from him is Cinderella:

found here

If in Berlin, you have to visit the exhibition in the CWC.
This is a snapshot from me with another picture of him: 

The sweater is a cashmere vintage 50s one from Santa Cruz, CA.
 I love his pale pink softness, the pearl buttons and the pastell grossgrain applications. 

How do you look in everyday autumn life?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

real Californian treasures

40s style dress: Tara Starlet
grey leather gloves: 40s vintage, my grannies
tights : Falke
shoes: Molly Holly

The other weekend we joined a private atelier-party of an upcoming artist in Berlin Wedding. 
Time to wear one of my treasures from Moro Bay California, but have a closer look on my accessoires:

hairflower: 40s vintage, Gina L. All that trimmings, CA
lucite clip ons: 50s vintage, ebay US

As promised, I wanna show you one of the happiest moments in my vintage-collecting-life: finding this shop!
We stranded in Moro Bay by accident and had a little going-around-expecting-nothing-walk, honey was lost in a vintage-record-store and while strolling around alone I got enlightened, but look by youself:


I was so excited seeing this unique collection of true vintage trimmings, silk flowers, lace, velvet leaves, celluloid fruits... I was in heaven! And the owner was like a mother to me... you HAVE to go there, when you´re in CA! Your imagination of creating new styles or pimping high street clothing will go wild, believe me. I spent too much time and money there, but I regret nothing! 

Back home, I decorated my home with some of these beautiful treasures. They will make the girls in my upcoming vintage-photo-project very, very happy:

white 40s velvet flowers, leaves and pearls for a bridal style in one of my wallvases

a blue 40s feather bird in one of my 50s smoke consumers

a 40s pink feather fan next to one of my 50s deer figurines on my vanity table 

the 40s silk hair flower from my last post lives next to my 40s framed dry flowers  


And last but no least, okay, I got some more treasures, the incredible 40s celluloid cherries. They remind me of the opening scene of "Pin up Girl" starring Betty Grable. Some of them are a bit cracked by the years and the light, but I dont care. "Made in Germany" the label says - so I had to bring those pretties home. Now one of my china scottie dogs watches over them.

Check out Lina's ebay store and make yourself happy!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

a head of roses

This week was full of excitement: the concert of Eddie Spagetti, followed by the B52´s.  
What a great fun, I was dancing all night long! 

I had to wear a propper 60s outfit, with a beehive, graphic eye make up and plastic jewelery.

The other night, I teamed my LBD with my hair ribbon full of roses for a late summer evening out.

While another, more formal birthday party was on the list, it was time for the first appearance of my Californian rose. I wore no other jewels or fancy make up, because this darling stands on its own. It is a real pink 1940s silk rose for the hair with two cute soft velvet leaves. I always dreamed of buying authentic hair flowers and my dream came true in Moro Bay. I have to show you all about that incredible shop I found in my next blogpost...