Wednesday, 3 October 2012


To have a perfect Oktoberfest, even if you´re not in Munich on the "Wiesn" is easy. Just find a Brauhaus or a beer garden like the one we have here in Berlin and follow these simple rules:

1. wear a dirndl

Buy or rent a real bavarian traditional dress made out of heavy cotton that comes with horn buttons or ribbons, a puff sleeved blouse and a matching apron to tie in the back. A real dirndl ends always beyond the kneeline, has a nipped in waist and a forming bodice to create the perfect cleavage without any shapewear or even a bra. Combine it with cute mary jane shoes, heartshaped jewellery and a braided hairdo decorated with roses or daisies. Less is more - stay classic.

Don´t go for these cheap imitations because a real dirndl is worth the money and will make the best out of every girls body. 

2. eat good bavarian food


Bavarian food sometimes doesn´t look good but it tastes delicious. Everybody knows the Bretzl, but try the liver dumpling soup and the sausage "Weißwurst" with sweet mustard too. For vegetarians the spicy cheese "Obazda" is recommended.

3. drink German beer

After the heavy bavarian food you can drink a lot of the good beer out of the huge glasses called "Maß". A "Maß" is filled with one liter of beer, mine was a bit more ladylike. When the marching band stops playing and sings "Prosit" you have to clink glasses with everybody on the table and take a big gulp. Again and again...

4. have fun, dance, make new friends

 complete dirndl: present from my godmother
glass heart chain: 50s vintage my mums
velvet roses in hair: etsy

So go out to your nearest Oktoberfest and break all my rules, exept that one with the beer,


  1. Sounds so perfect, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. super schaust du aus im dirndl ... habe vor ein paar tagen zwei neue vintage dirndlchen erhalten ... mal schauen, ob ich die in meine wintergarderobe integrieren kann oder ob ich bis zum nächsten sommer warten muss.

  3. na besser gleich integrieren und gleich bewundern lassen! xxx