Sunday, 27 January 2013


I´m a bookworm and busy reader, so Santa brought me some nice books about the 40s and old movies last year. A speciality is this book about the Blitzmädchen, printed in the 70s.Thank you Santa for knowing my taste so well. I wanna show you some pictures and share some facts out of it:

During the entire WW II, women were involved on all sides. In Hitler's Germany, a woman should be a mother at first, staying at home and backing up her husband. But when in 1940 the occupied areas needed more stuff to administrate, the so called "Blitzmädels" filled up the ranks. In the beginning, they came voluntary, but later young women were called up. All in all  half a million women worked as Blitzmädels in the army, the marine and the air force. They were called Blitzmädels because of the Blitz signs on their uniforms. In 1940 every Blitzmädel got a uniform, later with the deprivation they just wore uprons or a brassard with civil clothes.

The boards were the same rations as the soldiers got.

Army postal service brought news and presents from home.

Most of the younger girls were looking for an adventure. But it was forbidden to have any personal contact to soldiers or civilians from occupied countries. Every Blitzmädel had to move once a year to another station to prevent deeper relationships. Even though the rules and controls were strict, a lot of romances and even marriages started here.

Most of the Blitzmädels did telecommunication for the Wehrmacht with machines like this:

For propaganda reasons the Nazis showed a young mother who left her two children at home with her grandmother to help the boys in the war.

In the end of the war, fire protection became more and more important
 and the girls learned how to handle a gun.

 Finally some of them died, some of them came home again  soon,
but most of them landed in war captivity.


 Hopefully we will never have a war again.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


We have a really cold winter in Berlin - time for my 40s mink coat with the bakelite fasteners and warm lined leather gloves.

I´m still suffering from the evil Ebstein-Barr-Virus, but while honey was playing with his band, I had to go out of the house. He played in a Punkrock&Country music club, so I decided to wear a westerm inspired outfit. 

 blouse: Rockmount Ranch Wear, ebay US
skirt: Tara Starlet
boots: Anna Field

I love all the details of the blouse: the white diamond buttons, 
the shape of the pockets and the great western boot print.

 The club is called Jägerklause and is full of  great decoration details. 
We did some pictures from the Billard-room,

the backstage room,

the Lemmy - shrine,

and the funny mobile phone-trophy-wall.

When you like your music loud and hard, come around and have a beer or in summertime a yummy burger in the Biergarden of the Jägerklause. See you there!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

summer under glass

hat: vintage shop in Paris
dress: Tara Starlet
body stocking: Wolford
boots: Esprit

It just rains in Berlin, it´s always grey and dark - that can be quite depressing. I'm missing the sun, bright colours and the smell of flowers so much, so we decided to warm up our winter souls in the Botanic Garden. The complex of green houses was built in 1904 and still has a magic.

Do you feel the cold rainy weather? Even the mushrooms came out again.

But then we entered a tropical world and were feeling like on a summer holiday.
We were nearly the only visitors and I did a lot of pictures of the fascinating details. 
Take a little walk with me:

This "Lady Campbell" really smelled like heaven!


Outside, on our way back home, I noticed these huge neon green monster plants: 
Brussles sprouts! Do you remember the "Little Shop of Horrors"?