Wednesday, 18 December 2013

blue dogs and red slippers


Last friday we visited the exhibition opening from my talented friend YUTI and made some pics backstage. I wore my new great Vivien of Holloway Swing trousers, St. Nicholas (Honey) brought me, a 50s silkscarf from American Vintage in Hollywood and my new 40s scottie clip ons. You better have a closer look:


Aren´t they funny? I don´t know what they are made of, I think an early plastic, handcarved and handpainted ... I had to give them a new home - and they came from America in their original box. I love the 3D effect, the pale blue colour and the crabby face of the scotties.

The countdown for christmas is on, so I wanna show you my tree. I decorated it with some of my red glitter slippers I collected all over the world... hope you girls love it and you will have chilly and cozy holidays!


Sunday, 8 December 2013

bittersweet symphony

The year started with a concert of honeys band and it nearly ended with one. In January I was so weak because of a massive mononucleosis infection that I could just sit in a corner for a while, but this time it was such a blast: I did a Glam Rock make up for the boys, danced my ass off and chanted loud and proud with the audience. But I had some silent moments too, thinking of this bittersweet year.

I have fighted daily with the aftereffects from the infection and found some great alternative medicine for it, lost very old friends and discovered new ones, lost my photo-project and started a new art-venture and drawing lessons, lost my job and found a new one... the big lessons I have learned is: health is the most important and everything can change in a blink of an eye, so better LIVE FOR THE MOMENT!

So I did last night. Honey made some pictures in the backstage room early in the morning:

crepe de chine blouse: 40s vintage, fleamarket find
Square dance skirt: Partners Please by Malco Modes 
(worn without the matching petticoat), 60s vintage, etsy
leopard boots: Miss L fire

pink lipstick and nail polish: YSL

Have a closer look to the sweet 50s jewelery set, found on 
and I really love the lace bordered collar of the sheer blouse...

Enjoy the Advent season with your loved ones!