Wednesday, 17 October 2012

more 1954s autumn fashion

I wanna show you some more scans from the FILM UND FRAU mag. 
Autumn is party season, so this time comes the festive fashion: 
What about black velvet and white glacé gloves?

Or a embroidered floorlength evening gown? 
Worn by the lovley Sonja Ziemann, famous as the star in "Schwarzwaldmädel", 
a musical from 1950. I also looove her poodle.

Isn´t the paisley brocade just stunning?

An autumn brides dress can look alluring, too.

For everyday wear, I would choose this striped beauty with a soft creoline.

 The illustrations recommend the same autumn colours as we like today... 
hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

1954´s autumn fashion

I was thinking about a new jacket or coat, so it was time to go trough my old magazines again.

Or what about a new wooly full skirt? A warm fur stole or a new feather hat?

What a bitchy little hat - and this eyeliner, wow!

By the way: I have scanned these photos from my FILM UND FRAU magazine, taken by F.C. Gundlach. He is one of the most famous german fashion photographers and started his career workin for that mag. Leave you with one of his iconic photos.

taken from here

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


trenchcoat: asos
jeans: Lady K loves

The weather gets cold and rainy here in Berlin but we enjoyed a walk trough the autumn leaves and the great arcitecture of my beloved street, the Karl-Marx-Allee, formerly named as "Stalinallee".  The KOSMOS palace behind me was a cinema once, opened in the early 60s and fully designed in the space-age chic. Still very cool.

The alley was built in the early 50s out of the WW II ruins. The first building was the "Hochhaus an der Weberwiese".

It should be a new kind of residence for simple workers in a socialistic regime - comfortable, modern, roomy with a roof garden. That was very futuristic for 1952.

The house is made out of the ruins of the destroyed Reichskanzlei and the black marble in the entrance is taken from the house of Hermann Göring, called "Carinhall" after his first wife. What a history, if stones could talk... Today it is a fully let monument with a nice little park and a fountain in front.

the black marble entrance

By the fountain is a sweet little statue from the Grimm fairytale "Hans in luck".

felt hat: 50s vintage from Vienna
cherry brooch: Vivien of Holloway

 two tone shoes: present from a friend

 bubble bag: 60s vintage present from my godmother

Vis a vis from the Hochhaus is a relief what shows the rebuilding of East Berlin in great Socialistic Realism.

On our way back I gave attention to all the details in my street, like  the lovely wall mosaics. 
This one is my favorite.

Are you proud of the street you live in? I am.
Have nice walks, friends.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

a little toadstool

I love fairytales and to dress up, so when there was a fairytale-burlesque-party in Bassy Club anounced, I knew it was the time to wear my 40s handmade fancy fly agaric set. It´s a satin hat with ribbons to tie in the neck, a satin pompadour handbag and the cutest clip on earrings.

I teamed all that with a plain LBD, my black&withe shoes from New York and red stay ups from Paris. 

assorted bangles: bakelite and fakelite
plastik necklace: 50s vintage fleamarket
The mushroom hat even had gilles!

@ the powderroom

 We had such an amusing evening with all those great guised people, like this unicorn.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012


To have a perfect Oktoberfest, even if you´re not in Munich on the "Wiesn" is easy. Just find a Brauhaus or a beer garden like the one we have here in Berlin and follow these simple rules:

1. wear a dirndl

Buy or rent a real bavarian traditional dress made out of heavy cotton that comes with horn buttons or ribbons, a puff sleeved blouse and a matching apron to tie in the back. A real dirndl ends always beyond the kneeline, has a nipped in waist and a forming bodice to create the perfect cleavage without any shapewear or even a bra. Combine it with cute mary jane shoes, heartshaped jewellery and a braided hairdo decorated with roses or daisies. Less is more - stay classic.

Don´t go for these cheap imitations because a real dirndl is worth the money and will make the best out of every girls body. 

2. eat good bavarian food


Bavarian food sometimes doesn´t look good but it tastes delicious. Everybody knows the Bretzl, but try the liver dumpling soup and the sausage "Weißwurst" with sweet mustard too. For vegetarians the spicy cheese "Obazda" is recommended.

3. drink German beer

After the heavy bavarian food you can drink a lot of the good beer out of the huge glasses called "Maß". A "Maß" is filled with one liter of beer, mine was a bit more ladylike. When the marching band stops playing and sings "Prosit" you have to clink glasses with everybody on the table and take a big gulp. Again and again...

4. have fun, dance, make new friends

 complete dirndl: present from my godmother
glass heart chain: 50s vintage my mums
velvet roses in hair: etsy

So go out to your nearest Oktoberfest and break all my rules, exept that one with the beer,