Sunday, 2 September 2012

a house in the middle of the street

In the last days in my alley a little house has grown, just like that, out of the blue. Today it was time to take a closer look on it. It emerged as an art project of the "Galerie im Turm", made by the french artist collective Gariste Gatené . Inside I found a monster and some crazy creatures living. They stand for the worldwide markets who caused the current Euro crisis. Fantastic!

I was in a 1930s mood, so I wore my dress with the wing sleeves.


dress: asos
socks: Falke 
 shoes: Molly Holly
screw ons: 40s vintage
gloves: 30s vintage my grannies

What did you do on the weekend?


  1. Those things only happen in dear Berlin.
    You look so gorgeous in your green dress with wing sleeves.
    Much love, dear friend.

  2. you look amazing

  3. danke, dass du meinen blog gefunden hast - somit konnte ich deinen atemberaubenden blog kennen lernen! i really love what i see here!
    ob warnung oder versprechen: ich komme wieder.

  4. Replies
    1. wow ich habe dich jetzt nur durch zufall gefunden aber ich bin total hin und weg von deinem blog! was für einen tollen stil du hast!
      ich liebe dieses türkise kleid das du hier trägst und i love your hairdo too;)