Wednesday, 23 July 2014

wowsville market

Last sunday we joined a street market in front of the "Wowsville" bar and record shop in Kreuzberg. 
We - that is  just another wardrobe experience plus her husband and me.

Beside the fact that the weather was tropical and most of the expected audience had obviously better things to do than to visit a fleamarket, swimming in a lake or whatever... but we had a lot of fun! 
And I even made some money for my upcoming holidays.

  Look at her, she even looks super sexy in shorts and flats and got so many compliments...

I wore:
blouse & shorts: Heyday
hairflower set: etsy
wooden sling backs: Lasocki
 See the nice organizer lady and some impressions from just another wardrobe experience 's stall: 


Monday, 14 July 2014

time for champions

The passed weeks were so full of excitement! 
It started with the first game of our German soccer team in Brazil. 
I baked this 10 inch high chocolate-marzipan-cake, what a yummy monster. 

Then it was time for the Geschwister Pfister and their 50s-based drag show. 
The aftershow party happend in a gay bar which looked very much like my own home.

dress: 50s vintage, vintage shop
clip ons: 40s vintage, vintage shop
bakelite: 40s vintage, vintage shop and ebay
leggins: drugstore
shoes: 40s vintage, ebay

Three days later, my beloved Dolly Parton was in town!
 I was so happy that I got one of the rare tickets as a christmas present and I was very excited to see her live.

 hairflower: 40s vintage, vintage shop
dress: years ago from a professional dancer's shop
cowboy boots: Buffalo
handbag: 50s vintage, my grannies

Dolly sang all her great emotional songs and I cried a river. Let´s say two. 
And afterwards - great time with drags again. I especially loved their hair and boobs, but Dolly's were bigger. 
Larger then life!

Next on the scedule: Berlin fashion week and the Vintage circus. 
Just another wandrobe experience and I went there to buy... nothing. 
Read the hole story about it in her great blog.

Isn´t she beautiful?
I wore:
dress: 60 vintage, vintage shop
headpiece: 50s vintage, ebay
bag: 50s vintage, vintage shop

But we made the best out of it and I even got the perfect Pin-up body for a minute:

And how this exciting time ended? I think everyone out there already knows.
I put my patriotic eye make up with soccer lashes on and...

We won! World champion feeling all over!