Friday, 29 March 2013


 dress: Trashy Diva
hairflower: Swell Dame, etsy

When I bought this dress for my birthday party months ago, I was sure that it would be already springtime... but I was the only one in bright colours between all the black and grey turtlenecks in the club. This time we all get the feeling, that the winter will never ever end...

After a great party, it was time to relax and have some days off. We left the city to enjoy the village life in the Uckermark, a region north of Berlin. On our walks, we found the ruins of an ancient abbey and the hardly expected sun showed up.

dress: good times Barcelona, etsy
hat: handmade

 We paid a visit to our beloved Amur tigers again. I think they really were enjoying the snow.

The best of all - we had rented a very, very old farm house. Everything was authentic conserved and so charming. This sweet knocker was still working, but the pump had been defeated by the winter. 

Is there anything better than a warm, crackling fireplace and a big red velvety art nouveau sofa when you come home from a walk trough the biting cold? Fortunately we had both...


I hope that this sweet little bird house will soon have some cheeping visitors and when the birds come back, spring will finally break. Have a yummy easter time!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Leopard Lady

Today we enjoyed the sun like all the others. Time to visit East Side Gallery before parts of it will be destroyed from estate venturers. You may have heard from it? It is a scandal!

On the way we found this great tattoo shop.

coat: fleamarket find
leopard scarf: vintage shop find

 hat with leopard bow: asos

 leopard booties: Miss L Fire

When I´m in a leopard-mood, it´s time for the ethnic pieces in my jewellery collection - like these golden african lady 50s clip ons.

After walking in the sun, some yummy cupcakes from tigertörtchen and a warm cup of tea at the Berliner Naschmarkt made our Sunday perfect.

Hope you had some sun too?