Monday, 28 May 2012

Dita and me

suit: Lilli Ann 40s vintage
stole: fox 40s vintage
Dita is wearing a Yma Sumac original dress

I have a long and deep fan history with Dita. I discovered her 16 years ago and fell in love immediately. As a student I was working in a videoshop and there was an adult section with some fetish videos. The owner had decorated it with pictures of various fetish girls. One of them looked so special: her well coiffed hair, her way to wear the latex clothes, her porcelain-like face, her body were so different... from that day on I collected everything concerning DITA. I´m not so much interested in that Burlesque-thing, more in her early fetish movies and pictures and her 1940s style and vintage collection.

When she launched her perfume last year in October in Berlin, I was waiting of course in the first row wearing my best suit. To see her in real was strange, because she is more a tiny shy doll from a another world than a real bombshell. Doesn´t matter, she is magnificent.

Now Dita created a make up line with the German high quality cosmetic firm ART DECO. Sure she liked the name of the firm as much as I do...

I bought a magnetic beautybox to clip the eyeshadows in, a black glittering and a beige glittering eyeshadow, a blush and a dark red lipstick. Back at home I did my beautyroutine, set my hair and used the products:

The pros:

very beautiful and high quality packing
the lipstick has a great blue-based colour and staying power
the blush is very powderish and has a good spread

The contras: 

the withe eyeshadow is low pigmented 

So my result: it's more a "nice to have" than a "must have". 

Maybe I have to try the lip laquer and the nail polish too... damned I´m a make up addict!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

wild life - calm lake

We had some days off and visited the Zoo in Eberswalde near Berlin. I love Zoos, but there is always the bitter fact, that the animals are not free - but here some of them can live free or together with other animals of different races. Very impressive is the huge area for the Siberian tigers and the little forest, where you can stroke gentle hints. 
I made some pics:

The next day we met my friend who lives near to the greatest Park in Berlin: the Treptower Park and he owns a blue rubber boat. So we entered the Karpfenteich and honey paddled us to one of my favorite statues: Der Nök. It's a water ghost who lives on the ground of the lake and he wants to own everything beautiful which comes near the water... very romantic afternoon.


Dress: H&M
Wedges: Street
Sunglasses: 40s Vintage

Enjoy the sun!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

glittering butterflies

Yesterday we were out to the Fete Fatale Burlesque Show. What a great evening. The most incredible act was the drag master of ceremonies Mr. HLLYWD:

OMG, he was a greek god with slaves and a huge fantastic hat-thing! He was even singing...
I love this kind of trashy underground shows, they make me feel very alive!

Evenings like that are perfect for shiny dresses and glittering accessories. See what I wore that night:

 Dress: Tara Starlet

Shoes: Buffalo
Stay ups: YSL
glittering butterflies: ebay uk

I throw a hand full of glitter above all of you!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hot Rod Decadence

taken from here 

Yesterday we joined the Hot Rod Decadence, hosted by my great friend Spooky Sally and her partners. We had a good time with great pre-1965 cars, burgers and hipshaking livemusic.

some OFTD pics before we left:

blouse: second hand years ago
skirt: Tara Starlet
shapeware: Rago
seamed fishnet stockings: my mother's from the 50s
pumps: Miss L Fire

Friday, 11 May 2012

Baker Street Boys

Do you remember the Bakerstreet Fotoshooting with OPALICON? Now the pics are online!

Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson, please tell us your story:

For the costumes I have used my properties and the models own clothes. The antique details like pipe, loupe and such and all the furniture is mine. The violin is honey's. 

For the make up I just gave them a perfect teint, some dark contours and lips for Sherlock and some pomade for Dr. Watson's hair. And of course the most important effect in male professional photo make up: light mascara in brown!

Thank you boys, it was such a fun working with you!
More of my work? here...

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Homemade hairflowers

Last friday honey celebrated his birthday in Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke Bar. I needed something new, but on a small budget... so I bought a bunch of Clematis made of silk, got the hot-melt gun and made myself three new big pink hairflowers. I think it turned out well and we had a special evening.

Clip Ons: Vintage pink swirl hoops

And while I'm writing this, the sky above my beloved alley looks like a movie-set...
don´t you think?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


On the first of May it's always time for the super-big fleamarket near the Ostbahnhof in Berlin.
Last year I bought a lot af 50s wall plaques. This year was all about jewellery.

So see what I wore and bought:

dress: King Louie

Flats: Benetton


My findings:
40s brooches for 6 Euro

50s clip on creoles for 3 Euro

40s clip ons for 15 Euro

and my favorites: huge 50s softplastic clip ons for 26 Euros

After all that shopping I needed a frozen yoghurt with strawberrys and marshmellows in the sun!