Sunday, 26 August 2012

these boots are made for dolly

After a very stressful week it was time to relax, so we visited friends living in a house in a green outskirt of Berlin. 

I like wearing cowboy boots, especially my beloved old pink ones. I call them "my Dolly Parton shoes". To channel the great Dolly more perfect, I combined them with a deep neckline. I love the pink brooch detail that came with the dress:

I enjoyed the sun in a pink hammock, reading the VOGUE in a canvas chair, played with the kids and roasted marshmellows in the bonfire.

But to visite the little farm "Kinderbauernhof Erkner" with the kids was the best experience.
I made friends with Fatima, the cute donkey lady. She tried to steal my earrings and the kids' potato chips, but she had the most fleecy ears ever.

The meadows around the farm where full of colourful herbages, my chance to get a wonderful souvenir for our dining table back home in the city.

clip ons: 50s vintage
hair bow: OhHoneyHush!
 boots: Buffalo vintage
dress: Vive Maria
I hope you had a relaxing weekend, too.

1 comment:

  1. You look so stunning. I am glad you still think of me, my gorgeous friend.
    Loving everything about you and wanting those pink gorgeous boots.
    Keep in touch, I will.