Sunday, 8 December 2013

bittersweet symphony

The year started with a concert of honeys band and it nearly ended with one. In January I was so weak because of a massive mononucleosis infection that I could just sit in a corner for a while, but this time it was such a blast: I did a Glam Rock make up for the boys, danced my ass off and chanted loud and proud with the audience. But I had some silent moments too, thinking of this bittersweet year.

I have fighted daily with the aftereffects from the infection and found some great alternative medicine for it, lost very old friends and discovered new ones, lost my photo-project and started a new art-venture and drawing lessons, lost my job and found a new one... the big lessons I have learned is: health is the most important and everything can change in a blink of an eye, so better LIVE FOR THE MOMENT!

So I did last night. Honey made some pictures in the backstage room early in the morning:

crepe de chine blouse: 40s vintage, fleamarket find
Square dance skirt: Partners Please by Malco Modes 
(worn without the matching petticoat), 60s vintage, etsy
leopard boots: Miss L fire

pink lipstick and nail polish: YSL

Have a closer look to the sweet 50s jewelery set, found on 
and I really love the lace bordered collar of the sheer blouse...

Enjoy the Advent season with your loved ones!


  1. unglaublich tolle bluse!

    schön zuhören, das es dir nach einer roughen und toughen zeit wieder besser geht und dich dumm und dusselig getanzt hast. ich kann das, was du da beschreibst auf allen ebenen nach vollziehen: freunde verlieren, freunde gewinnen, gesundheit, job ... das ist alles so ein ding. na, das nächste jahr kann ja nur besser werden!
    wünsch dir was ... und vielleicht treffen wir uns ja doch mal wieder ;)

  2. You are looking just gorgeous!!!
    O, yes, living for the moment is something I have to remind myself of a LOT! XXX

  3. Always soooooooooooooooo fabulous.
    I Love and want your skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh