Sunday, 3 November 2013

Follow the swan!

This week started with a swan. 
For a ladie's night at my home, I filled my 40s pink swan with little roses 
and used it as centerpiece for the table. The ladies loved it! 

On tuesday it was time for a little comedy show after work.
I wore a plain 50s felt dress without petticoat, but gave attention to the details: 
50s grey gloves, 50s silver lurex evening bag...


60s aurora borealis clip ons with matching necklace and a 50s lipstick red velvet hairpiece.

Friday we went to the Dios de los Muertos ceremony of the Mexican community in Berlin.  
The huge altar for the dead was very touchy and beautifully made.

My outfit was insprired by my beloved Frida Kahlo and people really loved it. 
Some took photos and called: "HOLA, HOLA FRIDA!" One Mexican lady even made me a present: 
her Frida wood brooch! See it next to my 50s silver mexican mother of pearl pendant. Isn´t she cool?

And I met Frida herself.

carnations and ribbons in hair: Walmart, Nevada
earrings: my mum bought in Istanbul
cardigan: Freddies of pinewood
skirt: 50s vintage, ebay
tights: Falke

The next day my very talented friend, the painter Stephanie Nückel, had an exhibition with other artists from New York. She photographed and painted my younger self many years ago. I couldn´t believe this young lady with Bettie bangs was once me... the impression in my face says everything.

(BTW: my 50s felt dress got pockets!)

With a bunch of artists from the exhibition we had some drinks at the bar of the Kater Holzig restaurant.
 I admired the decoration and so, that fun-tastique week ended with a swan, as it started.


  1. Very original pics
    You have a great blog

  2. Sooooooooooooo fabulous. I would have loved to be with you and Frida.

  3. Absolutely nostalgic photos! I love your hairstyle.

  4. Hi

    Frida is fantastic. Some years ago, I visit Mexico and stayed on Frida's house. She was a fantastic and realistic painter.
    Nice blog and I already follow you. Waiting your visit.

    AMIGA DA MODA by Kinha

  5. oh, I would love to visite her house - thank you for following me so much! xxx

  6. Thank you, my wonderful friend

  7. I love your hairdo, how did you manage to do it?

  8. thank you, I have to show a tutorial once... xxx

  9. wow, da gib't aber viel zu gucken .... das rote head piece ist ganz großartig! ...und dein schwarzes 50s kleid ist auch ganz wunderbar .... den schwan im kater holzig sollte ich mir auch mal ansehen.

    blöde frage ... kennst du jemanden in dieser wundervollen stadt, der gut ist in vintage möbel aufbauen oder gar einen laden hat? unser geliebter 50er wohnzimmerschrank weigert sich plötzlich sich aufstellen zu lassen!!!! unser freund von dem wir ihn übernommen haben residiert leider im süden der republik. die verzweiflung ist groß!

  10. HI darling!!!
    we like very much your glamurous 50s style and your Frida Khalo is great!!!
    We follow you and invite you to visit our blog to follow us if you like it.
    Kisses honey

    Alicia & Sofía