Wednesday, 25 September 2013

real Californian treasures

40s style dress: Tara Starlet
grey leather gloves: 40s vintage, my grannies
tights : Falke
shoes: Molly Holly

The other weekend we joined a private atelier-party of an upcoming artist in Berlin Wedding. 
Time to wear one of my treasures from Moro Bay California, but have a closer look on my accessoires:

hairflower: 40s vintage, Gina L. All that trimmings, CA
lucite clip ons: 50s vintage, ebay US

As promised, I wanna show you one of the happiest moments in my vintage-collecting-life: finding this shop!
We stranded in Moro Bay by accident and had a little going-around-expecting-nothing-walk, honey was lost in a vintage-record-store and while strolling around alone I got enlightened, but look by youself:


I was so excited seeing this unique collection of true vintage trimmings, silk flowers, lace, velvet leaves, celluloid fruits... I was in heaven! And the owner was like a mother to me... you HAVE to go there, when you´re in CA! Your imagination of creating new styles or pimping high street clothing will go wild, believe me. I spent too much time and money there, but I regret nothing! 

Back home, I decorated my home with some of these beautiful treasures. They will make the girls in my upcoming vintage-photo-project very, very happy:

white 40s velvet flowers, leaves and pearls for a bridal style in one of my wallvases

a blue 40s feather bird in one of my 50s smoke consumers

a 40s pink feather fan next to one of my 50s deer figurines on my vanity table 

the 40s silk hair flower from my last post lives next to my 40s framed dry flowers  


And last but no least, okay, I got some more treasures, the incredible 40s celluloid cherries. They remind me of the opening scene of "Pin up Girl" starring Betty Grable. Some of them are a bit cracked by the years and the light, but I dont care. "Made in Germany" the label says - so I had to bring those pretties home. Now one of my china scottie dogs watches over them.

Check out Lina's ebay store and make yourself happy!


  1. Thank you for sharing so much fabulousness, my dear friend, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    dream, dream, dream.
    I shall check her Ebay.
    Have a glorious weekend and don´t forget me.

  2. das ist ja zum neidisch werden! das sind wunderbare vintage blumen und co. und der laden dazu erst! oh - ein träumchen ...
    das outfit ist auch ganz fein. die grauen details sind super schön.

  3. Oh, da würd ich zu gern mal auf Schatzsuche gehen.
    Wenn ich auf Flohmärkten so alte Seidenblumen sehe, kaufe ich die immer alle auf. Sind einfach viel schöner und feiner als neue Blumen-Haarspangen. (Und mit etwas Glück sogar viel billiger, hihi)

    Viele liebe Grüße,

  4. You have found a delightful place. A real source of treasures!!