Sunday, 25 August 2013

a head of roses

This week was full of excitement: the concert of Eddie Spagetti, followed by the B52´s.  
What a great fun, I was dancing all night long! 

I had to wear a propper 60s outfit, with a beehive, graphic eye make up and plastic jewelery.

The other night, I teamed my LBD with my hair ribbon full of roses for a late summer evening out.

While another, more formal birthday party was on the list, it was time for the first appearance of my Californian rose. I wore no other jewels or fancy make up, because this darling stands on its own. It is a real pink 1940s silk rose for the hair with two cute soft velvet leaves. I always dreamed of buying authentic hair flowers and my dream came true in Moro Bay. I have to show you all about that incredible shop I found in my next blogpost...


  1. EEEK! Your hair and makeup in that first pic are EXQUISITE!!!Love the necklace too...the flower headband is simply DIVOON! XXX

  2. What an amazing night ... an evening with the B52s!!! You look absolutely amazing, I adore your headpiece and your single flower is beautiful. xo

  3. waaaaaas? die b52's waren schon? der herzaller liebste meinte das konzert sei im september. nun gut, mal wieder gelernt: immer selber nach gucken.
    naja, wenn schon nicht ich da war - warst schon mal du da und sahst einfach hinreißend aus.

  4. You are such an inspiration, and the most beautiful eyes I have seen.

  5. Wow, der Beehive sitzt wirklich perfekt :D

    xoxo, Saperlotte

  6. Wondeful make up and hair! You look extra nice. I am sure that your evening out has been a success. . .