Sunday, 4 March 2012

Welcome to Baker Street!

Yesterday, OPALICON produced the long awaited Sherlock Holmes und Dr. Watson shooting. We had such a great time with the boys!

We usually make the visual dreams of our clients come true, but once a year we do a free work for ourselves, our friends and fans. This time my childhood’s favorite story came alive in my own flat.

I did the make up, styling and decoration. Besides that, I was acting as a murdered ladies’ corpse. And I ate a lot of meat, when two men can choose their catering, you can imagine… but see by yourself. 

When I’m working with OPALICON, 
I rely on Madonna and wear just Adidas.

These are “Hackepeter Brötchen”, a German delicacy 
made out raw minced meat, with onions and salty cucumbers.

You want to take a look at our earlier studio productions? Thank you and pay a visit to

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