Monday, 12 March 2012

Half price - full fun

Today was a surprisingly good day. 
In my lunch break, I walked by accident into a vintage shop called Alex Vintage .

They had a sale, means everything was by the half price.
So see what I have found for only 10 Euro:

 60s big daisy shaped clipon earrings in white
50s petticoat in pale yellow, 
so buttery soft

and pre-loved by a girl called Sheila Cope

On my way home a Turkish greengrocer had sale too: 
I got this yummy avocados for half price.

A real bargain day, don´t you think?


  1. Bargain days are the best days! The petticoat is gorgeous.
    R xx

  2. So true, I wished every week had one bergain day! xxx