Wednesday, 5 November 2014

the third spring

Last weekend just another wardrobe experience and me joined the Berlin Fashion Exchange at the Postbahnhof, to be precise the Vintage part of it named "The Second Spring"

It started all well and we both built up our stalls with lots of hope, sun and good mood...

hat: 40s vintage, present from a vintage seller on a fair
dress: 50s vintage from etsy
tights: falke
The dress is made out of very soft novelty printed nylon with great violet color in it, 
so what matches better than a 40s violet brooch?

And than we waited for well-founded clients. Me behind my stall...

and just another wardrobe experience in front of hers, armed with her sweet smile...

... but there was no big business waiting for us. Everyone was out there in the sun.

After taking down everything I felt like a ghost in the big empty market hall.

I will wait for the next real spring and will do some street fleamarket than - to give my stuff a third spring.

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  1. Hello!
    I'm sorry to hear that you're sales were low, darling. But, at least you got to mingle with the similar crowd (not something I can say I can do)...
    Don't feel bad about it - think like this: by the time of the next fair, you'll have more to offer!