Tuesday, 30 September 2014

farewell summer

 Enjoying the autumn sun on my way to the Mauerpark fleamarket! I love my new homemade 1940s dress from etsy. Especially the fresh colours, the soft lace on the big V-collar and the rosy moonglow button.

Because the sun is not so strong anymore I had to wear tights. These are from What Katie did with pink seams and dotties. Very girly.

Sadly the holiday times are over now but we still remember beautiful Sardenia. 
Cactus pears everywhere, one of my favorite fruits. So I had to...

 top: Fornarina
shorts: Sugarshock

... do a little drawing.

 Wile our roadtrip we stayed overnight in farms or just on the beach.

 playsuit: Heyday Vintage clothing

Had time to feed cute animals...

 dress: Who killed Bambi?
headband: asos

... or just went shopping in the neighborhood.

dress: Folter Clothing
pumps: Miss L Fire

So bye bye carnation headband - welcome hats and capes!


  1. You seem to have had a wonderful summer! I feel quite sad to see fall arrive but fortunatly the weather is not so bad... waiting for Xmas now!

  2. sieht nach nem feinen urlaub aus ... (und die hasbeens durften auch mit ...)
    gut, dass ihr dass großartige outfit vom sonntag für den blog fest gehlten habt. das kleid ist echt wunderschön ...

  3. Toller Fund, mit ein bisschen Cardigan kann man das tolle Kleid noch ein paar Tage im Oktober tragen :-)

  4. Once again, your blog has prompted me to visit the WKD site. I am going to order those tights in pink and in nude/black (nude/red might be a bit too much!). Thanks for that! And some happy holiday photos too - Sardinia has long been on my to-go list... Kx