Monday, 17 November 2014

a forest full of cukes

You will see no cukes in this forest now, but there were a lot in the summertime. It's the "Spreewald" - famous for his pickled cucumbers, the beautiful little canals and the traditional costumes. A pefect place to hide from the city for a few days. We found a little house in the middle of nowhere to stay in...

spent a day in a spa and did little walks. Sadly the weather was just misty and rainy - time for the one and only autumnal jacket in the world, of course a classic Pendleton 49ers with red check.

 turban: made out of a H&M scarf mit red lips prints
jacket: Pendleton 49ers from etsy
jeans: collectif
boots: Clarks  Originals

In the nice Spreewald museum we could admire the traditional costumes with the huge hats. I like this picture of a little lady on her first day in school from the 1930s. The Sorb, the natives, still wear it proudly.

The museum even had a kind of historical train station, look at all the great dresses and suitcases.

I took place in one of the cabins, pulled my Röckl gloves on and Honey drove the steam train back to Berlin...

The only jewelery I wore was this 1950s bracelet with acorns, autumnally like fallen leaves. Hope you enjoy this season too.


  1. The post is wonderful, my dear gal.
    I love the forest, and I love the autumn feel that your photos give out.
    Red gloves are a dream!


  2. Mensch, die pendelton ist ja richtig gut! ich hoffe, du hattest einen guten start in die etwas verspätet beginnende arbeitswoche!
    freu mich auf die foddos! :)

  3. Wonderful post and beautiful photos. :)