Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Lauren Bacall 2.0

Waahh... Do I really stroll around to kill better dressed ladies on the street? Don't worry, just kidding!

This is a "behind the scenes"- picture from the Film-Noir-Shooting by the super talented and award-winning Austrian photographer Bina Winkler. She wanted to do a tribute to the great Lauren Bacall who deceased lately. Luckily I knew the perfect beauty for our project: the lady behind the Just Another Wandrobe Experience blog. What a natural acting talent.

I did the make up&hair&styling and story&set design&lighting asisstence, used my furniture to decorate and the incredible collection of authentic clothing from the model. We had so much fun - it didn't feel like work at all.

Hope you like that movie Lauren Bacall never made ... "Deadly Lovers" in the style of 1946.

A young blonde beauty from a little village is captured in an unhappy marriage to an older and rich husband in Metropolis. She decides to get rid of him, calls the life insurance company to change the contract and tries to poison him in a hotel room after a romantic night out. But she gets caught in the act... the witness is a ganster and then she finds out that her husband is one, too. After a thrilling pursuit she kills the gangster and leaves the big city with a heart full of dreams and a suitcase full of suppressed dollars.


-please don't use this pictures without permission-


  1. She makes a great Lauren Ba all, beautiful!!

  2. Merci - an das wunderbare miniteam, das wir waren. findet man selten. :)
    oh, das letze bild muss ich mir klauen, dass hat in bei ir einen datenfheler und ich aif dem bild keine füße ... ist eines meiner liebsten bilder von dem shoot.

    wünsch dir schöne weihnachten ... ein kleine rosen hutnadel wartet im umzugschaos auf dich!