Sunday, 5 January 2014

happy pink new year!

Happy new year to everyone in Blogland! 

We had such a fun-tastique New Years Eve party with our poker gambling friends - a night full of laughter and happiness, and complete authentic 1950s party decoration: the garlands, the dinnerware for the old school buffet and the party hats.
 I wore a dice and the boys could choose one of those:

But now the everyday life is coming back. 
January and February are the most depressing months for me, so I couldn´t resist to buy that neon pink wool when I first saw it. I made myself an oversized turtleneck to fight the upcoming greyness.

wool neck: made by myself
dress: Bernie Dexter, years ago
faux latex leggins: Arrogant cat

Do you like the fancy wall art of my childhood idol Nina Hagen in the background?

My new wedges fit the colour of the wool nearly perfect, so does my brooch...

umbrella brooch: 50s vintage, ebay
bambi clip ons: 50s vintage, ebay
traditional costume silver bracelet:  christmas present from honey's mum

And there is another pink thing I love right now: my new hair tonic "Southern Rose". 
It smells so nice and gives so much shine to the hair. It has a permanent place next to my bathroom mirror now.

PS: I felt so happy when I opend the christmas present from my BMF (best male friend): 
OMG - a Dolly Parton concert ticket! 

It waits now on my kitchen radio to get converted... I plan to wear my pink cowboy boots then, of course.


  1. Incredibly fun post! Your New Year's Eve celebration looked like a hoot and I LOVE your bright pink accessories, especially the umbrella brooch!

  2. gut, dass du auch mit viel spass im neuen jahr angekommen bist! was ein großartiges würfelhütchen!

    ... ha, und du hast schon dolly barton tickets ... da wollen wir auch hin!

    auf bald! :)

  3. Happy New Year, pretty lady!
    LOVE that umbrella brooch! XXX

  4. Always unique and inspiring, my friend.
    happy New Year.

  5. gute besserung! dieser gemeine, hinterhältige virus!

    fashion week war ein erlebnis. ich könnt mich ja jetzt jeden tag vors zelt setzen und leute angeiern ... großer spass!
    heute abend bin ich nun auch auf der Hoschek after party im bassy auf der liste und grüble schon verzweifelt wie unnackig ich unter dem trenchcoat sein darf ... ich hab ja lieber was an. dazu fühl ich mich mit schmerzenden nebenhölen ziemlich kränklich. ich leg mich nun auch nochmal hin ...puh.