Sunday, 19 January 2014

beauty classics and favorites

 Today I wanna introduce you some of my favorite beauty products -
 great quality for a good price and real classics.

Oil of Olaz was invented in the 1950s and still is a bestseller. I have tried a million skin creams and always came back.

REVLON Colorstay is the one and only really longlasting foundation for everyday use and perfect when you look for a vintage matte look. I recommend a beautyblender to apply.

Vaseline is such a multitalent and was a secret weapon for make up artists in old Hollywood. I use it for everything. Just give a small amout on your lashes every evening before you go to bed, you will be very happy with the result. It is perfect for foot care and soft elbows, too.

When you prefer a 1940s inspired eye make up with pale eyeshadows and a thin black eyeliner, then check out these three products, I buy them again and again to create that natural look: MAC Vapour Eye ShadowMAC Quarry Eye Shadow and this great liquid eyeliner, that looks like a nailpolish: LAKME Insta-Liner. You will find it on ebay or in Indian shops. It is cheap, easy to handle and lasts a year in daily use.

Now it´s time for the real beauties:

Do you use body powder? You shoud. There is nothing better for hot summer or party nights and under shapewear. Try the  famous Italian brand BOROTALCO. You will love the fresh fragrance and the feeling on your skin. Apply it with a huge powder puff to feel like a diva.

La Bella Nussy was the first waterproof mascara, invented for stage actresses in the 1930s. It still comes in the paper package and in a tube. I´m using it as kind of a topcoat on my lashes and I´m addicted to that special fragrance too.

Sweet Georgia Brown is a middle hard hair pomade. It works for every hairstyle and again, it smells like heaven.

Penaten Creme was invented in 1904 for baby care. I recommend it for irritated shaved skin, it works wonders over night.

And last but not least THE translucent powder: COTY Airspun. It sets your make up perfect, is a jewel in your bathroom and like a perfume for the face. Go for it!


  1. sehr interessant die 'alten' produkte zu sehen. ... aber ich muss zugeben, ich habe versucht, die kosmetikprodukte aaus dem bild zu schieben, um dieses bezaubernde fisch ensemble dahinter besser bestaunen zu können. ... wunderschön.

  2. Great review!! I didn't know these products!