Thursday, 8 August 2013


As promised - some more pictures from our California road trip. Hope you enjoy:

above: on the knees for my hero David Bowie at Hollywood Walk of Fame

Venice Beach

Look at this crazy miniature-encrusted van in Santa Barbara!

Oh, they smell!

driving the Highway 1 to the great Santa Cruz: 

beach fun, vintage shopping, mexican food and an art-deco-cinema, needless to say I was very happy there.

arriving at San Francisco  


after vintage shopping at Haight Street I enjoyed all my shopping successes
 for so far at the bedside locker in our 1930s hotel

playing Mini Golf at the Lake Tahoe

watching TCM on a rainy day in a retro motel near the Mono Lake

 Welcome to the wild Wild West on the 4th of July! 

talking to the ghosts in Ghost Town Bodie

After hiking in the more than beautiful Yosemite National Park, 
we were heading trought the unscalable Death Valley by 50 degrees strait to Nevada.

Las Vegas was overlain by a giant smoke cloud from the bushfire,

but at night - it´s just neon lights and show girls.

on Route 66 trough the Mojave Desert we reached Palm Springs, our last station.
There I was finding myself, as a vintage clipons collector,  in real HEAVEN...
but more from that in the next post.

PS: a big thanx to all our fabulous air bnb hosts!


  1. das schaut ja echt nach nem feinen urlaub aus ... freu mich auf mehr bilder.

  2. I love California so much! And that's an awesome polka-dot swimsuit!

  3. Love all of your photos! Looks like one awesome holiday :) The last pic of the cactus is my fav!