Sunday, 21 July 2013

my pilgrimage


Right back from our California Road Trip - what a great experience!

It started as a kind of pilgrimage, because I always dreamed of visiting the Hollywood Museum in L.A., 
and so we did. Needless to say, I loved everything there. 
To sit in that Max Factor chair was an unforgettable moment for me.

You can see such amazing memorabilia there. 
Sadly it was forbitten to take pictures with flash, so pardon the fuzzy quality. 
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did:

Dorothy's ruby slippers,

incredibile photographs of all the old Hollywood stars,

so many spectacular movie costumes with amazing details, like the glove from Sonja Henie, my Ice Angel. 
Unfortunately the "Lady Mascara" dress of Betty Grable's movie "Dolly Sisters" were in restoration. But look at this:

But for a make up artist, the most important things were the make up tools in all their Art-Deco-packing glory.

For every diva's hair color, Max Factor created an own make up room. 
So the room for the brunettes, painted in pale pink, made me goose bumps all over, I tell ya!

There was one for the Redheads too, in pale mint green. Isn´t the beautycase of Rita a blast?

And finally the pale blue one for the blond bombshells.

But what is going on in a place like this, that Honey, who is not interested in that vintage-thing at all, 
goes to his knees and stares? The original bustier of Marilyn! She really had measures to dream of...

Marilyn somehow stayed a big issue on our whole trip. 
The Hollywood Museum had a giant MM special exhibition,

on our way trough the Sierra Nevada we stayed in the Sierra Sky Ranch for a while and  swam in the same pool
as she did. When we finised the road trip in Palm Springs - she was there again. And how!

Stay tooned, more CA pictures will follow...


  1. oh wow, das sieht nach nem tollen trip aus! tolle bilder.

  2. ... ach, ab nächste woche bin ich dann in berlin ... vielleicht läuft man sich ja mal beim great country swindle über den weg. zwischen arbeits-, wohnungs- und geschäftssuche, muss man ja auch mal raus und spass haben. ;)

  3. wow! max factor museum looks fantastic!