Thursday, 20 June 2013

the absence of elegance

I take my time to read and enjoy the garden. Currently I'm reading the book you see above. 
I learned from it that "comfort is the enemy of elegance". 

Okay, than I´m totaly inelegant in my trashy strech look... YEAH!

high wait capris: Deadly Dames
t shirt: souvenir from NYC 
 wedges: fleamarket

take a closer look at my wedges too: the sole has great flower details

And so much time to eat strawberries in the sun.

And for a little shopping walk I allow myself some more trashy strech...

dress: ebay uk
necklace and clip ons set: 60s vintage, ebay uk

 suede sandals: Tamaris
nail polish: essie really red

But there is no excuse to go out without high heels, especially when you can walk in confetti!


  1. oh, LA das ist ja spannend! na, da wünsch ich euch viel spass. ich sags euch gleich, essen ist hier ziemlich teuer ... bin jedesmal im super markt erstaunt!

    das streifenkleid it der knüller. sieht super hot aus.

  2. I absolutely love these photos and your outfits.You're wearing some of my favourite colour combinations too. Trashy elegant perfection. xx

  3. I know you are having a hot summer, but not as hot and gorageous as you.
    Thank you for keeping in touch.