Friday, 9 November 2012

winter wonderland


Last time I badly needed some time to relax and hide from the world, so we jumped into the car and drove into the mountains. Driving on the highway, we changed from sunny autumn into another world - a freezy winter wonderland. But see by yourself:

Glittering snowflakes and icicles everywhere - time to build the first snowman in the sun for this year. My favorite winter activity.

silkscarf: 50s vintage from a vintagefair
sweater mit satinbow: Mango
pants: Heyday
leather gloves: 50s vintage fleamarket
lined wedge boots: Deichmann

After all that walking in the snow it was time to enjoy our spa hotel and the mineral spring. The spring is famous because it contains the radioactive element Radon. It was like a magic bullet in the old days.

In the spa there was an old menue on display, what would be perfect for an atomic 1950s superhero. It recommends trouts with yummy radioactive swamp taste... Enjoy your meal!


  1. How wonderful, ahhhhhhhhhhhh Is it far from Berlin???
    Brilliant pics, dear friend.

  2. yes it´s far, about five houres with the car, near to the Czech Republic... xxxx

  3. hallo, ich habe mir für meine vintage winter shuh post das schuh bild ausgeliehen. bild ist mit deiner poast verlinkt .... ich hoffe, das ist ok für dich.
    danke und liebe grüsse
    wardrobe experience