Wednesday, 14 November 2012

oldies but goldies

When I was photographed by We are City, the colours were strongly revised, so that my beloved 1950s jacket looked teal. But it is green, one of my favorite colours: a perfect cold dark forest green. 

This little numer is my oldest vintage treasure, because I bought is twelve years ago for 10 Deutschmarks on a fleamarket, when I started with that "40s/50s-thing" and wear it every year with pleasure.

I treated it with some expensive handcarved buttons from this traditional shop in Berlin. BTW, I had to move these buttons some times since then, to still fit in, but that is another issue...

And when we talk about oldies, here is another goldie: the first hat in my collection. Isn´t he perfect for autumn?

hat: 1950s vintage - from a hat collector
mother of pearl clip ons: 1950s vintage - present from honey
bakelite hatpin: 1950s vintage - fleamarket
red leather gloves:  Röckl

Not to forget my good old grey-brown 1980s nylon stockings with the funny seams, which never had a ladder. Do you have such goldies, too?


  1. der hut is ja zum niederknien!!! die hutnadel ist zum weiterknien ... ja und nofrete ist schon immer eine meiner lieblinge. sonun, jetzt tun mir die knie weh ... ;)

  2. nu stehn´se auf schöne frau, das is doch nicht nötig :) danke und neblige grüße aus der hauptstadt!xxx

  3. Wonderful treasure, wonderful YOU.


  5. Ooh I'm going to be dreaming about that amazing hat and those incredible stockings! What a gorgeous outfit! I'm so glad I've discovered your blog. You have your newest follower...

    I've just started my own vintage blog, most recent post shows me in Paris in a red cloche and vintage coat, do come take a peek and let me know what you think!


  6. I think you look just great and you are very talented! That coat is to die for... xxx

  7. ... danke für deinen kommentar. nee, athrose ist es leider(!) nicht, es ist noch immer das knöchelchen im vorderfuß, dass mich 4 monate dieses jahres auf krücken gestellt hat. ermüdungsbruch - vielleicht durch absätze - vielleicht auch nicht. ich bin jetzt 4 monate ohne krücken aber schmerzfrei ist was anderes. frust!

  8. I just discovered your blog and I love it! You are gorgeous and I simply adore the hat you are wearing in this post. xo

  9. What a gorgeous hat and hat pin! And "oldies but goldies" are always my most treasured pieces and always have a sentimental value to me.

  10. love the hat! you look gorgeous. i am looking myself for vintage egyptian ear clips for a long time. wish i find some soon. love, sara xx