Sunday, 11 November 2012

the good old spa days
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Franziskove Lazne once was a very famous spa in the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, called "Franzensbad" back then. Many rich and famous people came there to drink the water out of the mineral springs, eat the famous wafers and listen to the live music of the stars of that time, like Tschaikowski, Chopin and Smetana.

Today, the spring still gives its healthy warm wather and you can still eat the wafers too, but the glamour is gone. The hotels are mostly empty houses and the streets are filled with grannies. But I like places like these, who are in a kind of big sleep. We used a grey day to visit the great old spa architecture, were sitting in silent caf├ęs and dreamt of the ladies in withe lace crinoline dresses and parasoles.

BTW, the healty water tastes disgusting, but have a look at the great hall!

 leopard coat: fleamarket
dress and hat:
woolscarf: made by me
ostrich leather bag: 60s vintage my grannys


 The wafers are called "Oblaten" and taste yummy, especially when they are fresh made and warm.

And we even found an oldtimer museum in one of the old palaces and loved it.

Come on, let´s hop into the cool Skoda and go on a never-ending trip trough forgotten places!

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