Tuesday, 9 October 2012


trenchcoat: asos
jeans: Lady K loves

The weather gets cold and rainy here in Berlin but we enjoyed a walk trough the autumn leaves and the great arcitecture of my beloved street, the Karl-Marx-Allee, formerly named as "Stalinallee".  The KOSMOS palace behind me was a cinema once, opened in the early 60s and fully designed in the space-age chic. Still very cool.

The alley was built in the early 50s out of the WW II ruins. The first building was the "Hochhaus an der Weberwiese".

It should be a new kind of residence for simple workers in a socialistic regime - comfortable, modern, roomy with a roof garden. That was very futuristic for 1952.

The house is made out of the ruins of the destroyed Reichskanzlei and the black marble in the entrance is taken from the house of Hermann Göring, called "Carinhall" after his first wife. What a history, if stones could talk... Today it is a fully let monument with a nice little park and a fountain in front.

the black marble entrance

By the fountain is a sweet little statue from the Grimm fairytale "Hans in luck".

felt hat: 50s vintage from Vienna
cherry brooch: Vivien of Holloway

 two tone shoes: present from a friend

 bubble bag: 60s vintage present from my godmother

Vis a vis from the Hochhaus is a relief what shows the rebuilding of East Berlin in great Socialistic Realism.

On our way back I gave attention to all the details in my street, like  the lovely wall mosaics. 
This one is my favorite.

Are you proud of the street you live in? I am.
Have nice walks, friends.


  1. How I'd love to visit Berlin!!Thank you for these beautiful photos, I really enjoy the tour!
    Your street style is flawless, the hat looks amazing on you and the saddle shoes are on the top of my list of things I'd like to have!

  2. Yes, good saddle shoes will be with you for ages! and I will post some more from my street, so please stay tuned beautiful... xxxx

  3. I love Berlin in autumn, and those cherries are wonderful enough to warm the cold air.
    You are always so inspiring...
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Ooh you look GORGEOUS! I love the shoes and cherries and mostly that beautiful HAT! Sarah xxx