Monday, 16 April 2012


Sunday I visited my longtime friend shoomy. He is not only a great friend, he is also a very talented photographer. Two years ago we did the "Little Red Riding Hood" shooting together.

Yesterday he just did a few fast snapshots: no photoshop, no fancy background, no professional make up - just me doing stupid poses in my sunday-outfit.

Petticoat: 50s vintage

top: second hand years ago
patent leather belt: 50s vintage
skirt: 50s vintage - the flowers are handpainted and even signed, 
the colours are still sooo bright - but I can never wash that piece of art)
fishnet tights: Falke
snakeskin pumps: 40s vintage

hair flower: etsy
lipstick: MÄC ruby woo



  1. Such gorgeous photos, I love your selection of bangles.
    R xx

  2. oh thank you, I will post more from my bangle-collection soon, xxx from Berlin!