Friday, 27 April 2012

colourful treasures

I'm collecting German vintage movie star cigarette cards from the 30s and 40s. I especially like the embossed ones. The have a 3D look-and-feel and have really a high quality.

The biggest treasure in my collection is an exercise book from a little girl full of glued in collectors cards, found on the fleamarket years ago. Not a propper album, just hand made and labeled in Sütterlin (an outdated German writing-style used from 1915 till 1941).

  Left: a backside of a cigarette card - Right: the exercise book cover

I cutted out all the little cards and framed the best ones. I created a pale pink background and a special passepartout for them. The big golden antique frame hangs in my floor and inspires me daily.

 My icon Marlene Dietrich is in the center, of course!

Some unframed ones, 
can you find out which crabby looking one Greta Garbo is? 

Usually the pictures come in albums like this:

Hans Albers, what a handsome man

and Marlene again, too bad that one is missing

What kind of treasures do you collect?

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