Monday, 5 May 2014


Because of the nasty weather we had on sunday we decided to visit the Pictoplasma exhibition in the great Jahn Kaufhaus. I loved all the sweet or spooky little creatures there and wished they could be my pets. Especially the one above.

dress: 60s vintage, vintageshop Madrid
velvet hairbow: DIY
plastic jewelery: 60s vintage, fleamarkets
tights: present from my mom
bag: 60s vintage, fleamarket

 The color of the walls fitted my outfit so well - blue on blue with blue. 
Have a closer look at the fabric of the dress, I really like the watercolour design.

The Jahn Kaufhaus is an old empty lost building which was re-opened just for that one event. 
We loved the architecture and the light installation.

 There are even installations to interact with. 
So go and check it out, when you love comics and digital cuteness and you are in Berlin right now.

 Leave you with some impressions:



  1. I love you in blue, your eyes POP! Such a sweet frock, too!
    What a fascinating exhibition! I haven't been to our art gallery in a while, I think I should go and see if we have anything as exciting on!

  2. Do let me know if you plan to come to Málaga. I would love to meet you