Thursday, 1 May 2014

all things yellow


Today my favourite month started and my beloved alley is so beautiful right now, with sunny islands full of daffodils. That inspired me to wear more yellow - what an incredible colour! All things yellow make me happy.

 blouse: 40s vintage, my grannys
skirt and bracelet: Mango, Madrid  

tulips on my desk

hedge on my way to work

my easter decoration 

Of course I visited the fleamarket today - it´s a tradition - and wore the yellow skirt again. 
I found this sweet 50s wall mask. I fell in love immediatly because it has my signature hairstyle.

bag: hookahey, present from a friend
sunglasses: six
daisy set: 60s vintage, ebay
plastic pearls and bangle: 50s vintage, ebay

 But what else I found? 
Vintage lilies and bamboo... so 50s and it´s even Coro signed!

Do you like it? 
Hope you all had a great holiday!


  1. Happy May! I was in yellow on May Day too, though I didn't get any photos because the weather was pants. Loving the second outfit particularly, with the shoes and the dairy brooch.

  2. Gorgeous in any colour, but berlin really brings the yellow in me.
    Love and sunshine

  3. der bambus armreif ist ja fantastisch!!!!
    ich fand den flohmarkt eher grauenhaft teuer und bin nur mit ein paar 50s fashion magazinen und einer unbenutzten ddr 50s-60s strohtasche vom acker gezogen ... aber über die mitnahme der wandmaske hatte ich auch gegrübelt ...