Wednesday, 1 May 2013

fleamarket again

 The first of May is traditionally fleamarkettime for me. 
This year I bought the paper geisha mask I always had on my mind. 

The "Ostbahnhof-Flomarkt" is huge, so flats are a must.

 dress: jears ago from ebay uk
strawbag: 50s vintage from New York
shoes: Clarks Originals
tights: Falke

On my way I saw all these cherry blossoms - to perfect to ignore.

 But see what I have found: a 40s hand brooch, a 50s silver leaves bracelet 
and a paper hatbox with asian vintage ladies. Happy me!

In front of my home, I recognized another little treasure: a wild tulip. Springtime!


  1. tolle fundsachen ... ahhh, und deine basket tasche aus new york ist zu gut um wahr zu sein.

  2. Oh, das Armband gefällt mir ganz besonders gut - hätte ich auch sofort mitgenommen :)