Saturday, 2 February 2013

Treptower Ehrenmal

Last weekend we had such a freezy snowy winter in Berlin, that I got into a Russian feeling in a way... so we decided to have a walk in my beloved Treptower Park and visited the 1949-built "Treptower Ehrenmal", a Soviet war memorial for 80.000 Red Army-soldiers who died fighting for a free Berlin.

Time to wear my new 40s felt hat and my 40s mink coat. The light was perfect for the cold colours. It is not reworked with Photoshop, this is real great blue winter light.

When you pass the huge gate, you will meet a statue symbolising Mother Russia.

Vis a vis started the gigantic soldier cemetary framed with red stone flags 
and a soldier on each side.

This figurines are always decorated with fresh flowers.
 The essential piece is the famous 30 meters high monument.

In his base is a round memorial hall with a mosaic wall. 
You can´t go in, but you can see the incredible picture with respect from a distance.

On our way back, we gave attention to all the details on the gravestones.
We will come back in spring.

Do you like my new hat, Santa brought me?
It always gives me a special feeling to visit historic places in fitting historic clothing.


  1. Fabulous new hat, and wonderful you everytime.

  2. toller neuer hut! ... und noch einmal: der mantel ist ein traum.

  3. You look lovely--your new hat suits you perfectly!

  4. Hi, What a nice blog you have! You look very lovely! :)

  5. Oooh that last pic is so wonderful! Your new old hat is magnificent (and your gloves!). Thanks for sharing these pics - what a beautiful place.

    Sarah xxx

  6. I love the last picture . it reminds me of the film Amelia. I hope to visit berlin this year. maybe in spring can you tell me of some good vintage shops or markets. you have made me want to go even more. your blog is great.

  7. Muy elegante! Las fotografías preciosas.